10 Montreal Places To 100% Avoid Driving With Your Car This Weekend

The last thing you want to do is be stuck in traffic on your days off.
10 Montreal Places To 100% Avoid Driving With Your Car This Weekend

Photo cred - Paul Eifert

A busy weekend of construction, events, and fireworks is happening in Montreal this weekend, and while everyone should be pumped, drivers may get a little peeved. All the fun has to come at the cost of someone, and anyone who drives a car will pay the price, as the weekend's festivities are causing a bunch of road closures.

If you're a pedestrian, you need not worry. If not, and you plan on driving anywhere in the city this weekend, here are places to avoid:

1. St. Catherine Street

With Carifiesta going on, the parade is taking over 2km of St. Cats (du Fort to Phillips Square) and cars will be redirected starting at 11am-5pm.

2. Mercier Bridge

'Til August 11th, only one lane will be open in either direction meaning a lot of congestion.

3. Ville-Marie Expressway

Thanks to the international fireworks competition, the east tunnel of the VME will not be open between the de la Montagne exit and Papineau Ave. (8:30pm-midnight)

4. Jacques Cartier Bridge

Here's another firework-related closure. The entire bridge will be a no-car zone from 8:30-11:30pm.

5. Highway 13 Northbound

Northern area (Hickmore exit to Highway 40) won't be open starting midnight Friday to Saturday at 9am, then from 1-10am on Sunday, due to construction.

6. Highway 13 Southbound

Southern area (Highway 40 to 520) will be closed starting Friday at 11pm to Saturday at 8am, then again on Saturday at 11pm 'til Sunday at 10am.

7. Highway 20 Bus Lane

Until August, because of construction being done on the new reserved bus lane, one of the eastbound Highway 20 bus lanes will be closed, from 32nd Ave. to 1st Ave.

8. Photo Radar Spots

No closures, but if you drive around here, know that that Transport Quebec is watching you. Mobile photo radar stations will be put in place on Highway 40 (Kirkland to Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue) + the Highway 20/30 interchange.

9 & 10. St. Pierre Interchange

Here's a two-in-one:

  • Highway 20 to Route 138 west ramp (Friday at 11pm to Monday at 5am)
  • Route 138 east to Highway 20 ramp (Saturday at 6am to Monday at 5am)

Hope that helps and drive safe!

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