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10 Montreal Places You Should Take A Date If They Love Red Velvet Desserts

Sweet deliciousness in and around your mouths awaits.
10 Montreal Places You Should Take A Date If They Love Red Velvet Desserts

No longer limited to the mighty cupcake, Red Velvet has transcended into all realms of desserts, from full-on cakes to macarons to milkshakes. Of course, the Red Velvet cupcake is still the original, but all of those cocoa-and-cream-cheese-creations simply give the Red Velvet lover more to choose from when experiencing a craving.

And there are a lot of us Red Velvet addicts out there. In fact, if you don't count yourself among the many RV-loving people in Montreal, you're probably dating one. Seriously, Red Velvet is so wildly loved that there's a 74.7% (this figure stems from no factual evidence) chance your significant other recognizes the flavour as their absolute favourite.

Thankfully, since so many Montreal establishments craft a wide array of Red Velvet desserts, you have a lot options when you want to treat the Red Velvet lover you love. Break off from the typical cupcake-route (though we will feature some in this list, because one simply must when talking about Red Velvet) and take your SO to one of these Montreal spots to take a date if they love Red Velvet.

Bar à Beurre

350 Notre Dame E

Want the cutest date idea ever that your SO will undoubtedly love? High tea, and while there are a wide array of amazing spots to get some afternoon tea, but for the Red Velvet lover, Bar à Beurre is the place to go. Serving Red Velvet cupcakes and their special signature boule de beurre, along with a wide array of other sweets and edible treats to go along with your tea, this is one fancy feast your SO soon won't forget.



1600 Laurier E + 1311 Bernard + 4864 Sherbrooke W

On hot-as-hell summer days, ice cream is all you crave. Never should anyone have to choose between a baked good and a frozen treat, and thankfully Bilboquet has our collective sweet tooth’s back with their Red Velvet flavoured ice cream. A rich and creamy ice cream base is chocked full of real pieces of Red Velvet cake, creating a new way to enjoy the Southern classic, one your SO will be the biggest fan of with just one bite. Certain Bilboquets have actual Red Velvet cupcakes too, just in case you two want the real thing to go along with your ice cream.


D Liche Cupcakes

3964 St. Denis

Lets start this list off with my favourite cupcake shop in the entire city, D Liche Cupcakes. Pretty much any cupcake you get at D Liche is a winner, but their Red Velvet is certainly something of a showstopper.

Doing things a bit different, D Liche’s Red Velvet isn't topped with a cream cheese frosting, instead accompanied by a vanilla bean icing. Don’t cry blasphemy just yet, because their homemade VB-icing is actually mind-blowing, quite literally the best I’ve ever had. No hyperbole here, you won’t even miss the cream cheese. D Liche also uses beet juice to colour their cupcakes, instead of artificial dye.

Whether you take your date into this Saint Denis bakery or grab some cupcakes to do, their Red Velvet-loving mind will be blown away with D Liche's sweet delights.


Cocoa Locale

4807 Parc

Cocoa is an integral aspect to any Red Velvet recipe, so it comes as no surprise that Cocoa Locale’s Red Velvet cake is often quoted as the best in Montreal. A slightly more sour frosting tops a cake that is not too chocolate-y, creating a balanced flavour that is entirely delicious. Not always on-hand (but can be requested), consider yourself lucky if you walk in to find any that hasn’t already been eaten by rabid Red Velvet lovers.

So if you need a birthday cake (or just a "I love you so much" anytime of the year cake) for your SO, then order yours at Cocoa Locale.


Pâtisserie Tillemont

1812 rue Tillemont

Red Velvet can come in many forms, not just cupcakes. For example, cookies are the perfect format to enjoy the magic that is Red Velvet, and Pâtisserie Tillemont is the place to grab a Red Velvet cookie. With a bright red cookie base filled with white chocolate chips, you get all the magic of Red Velvet in a crispy, sweet, and easier-to-eat form. Baked fresh every single day, Pâtisserie Tillemont ensures a soft delicious Red Velvet cookie, plus they have a deli counter if you want to have more of a lunch-date-with-dessert type outing.


Boutique Point G

1266 Mont-Royal E

Honestly, screw cupcakes and cookies, because macarons are easily the most romantic of desserts. Don't ask me why, but somehow the tiny little sweets achieve a level of adorability unseen in any other confectionery creation. Going forward with that entirely logical and evidence-based line of thinking (note the sarcasm, please), a Red Velvet macaron would then be the best way to woo a love of all things RV, which is where Boutique Point G comes in.

Easily one of the most celebrated purveyors of macarons in Montreal, Point G's reputation often precedes itself, not that they don't live up to the hype. Boasting all sorts of flavours, Point G's Red Velvet is undeniably one of the best available, and your SO will certainly feel the same.


Itsi Bitsi

2507 Notre-Dame W

Slinging sweet treats since 2006, Itsi Bitsi is one of Montreal's first cupcake shops (which is saying something, since we had that "cupcake boom" in the 2010s) and their experience shows. Each and every cupcake made by this Sud-Ouest bakery is a win, especially their fan-favourite Red Velvet cupcake. Or, should we say "Bet Velvet," as it's officially called by Itsi Bitsi.

In the spirit of including Red Velvet creations that isn't the same basic cupcake you can get anywhere, Itsi Bitsi's Bet Velvet is vibrantly crimson thanks to the use of natural beet juice used as a red dye. Then topped with a rich and creamy white chocolate ganache, the Bet Velvet is a break from the Red Velvet norm without straying too far from the flavour your SO knows and love. Be aware, though, that the Bet Velvet is only available on Fridays, making a trip to Itsi Bitsi the perfect way to start your weekend together.


Sophie Sucrée

167 des Pins E

Some of y'all reading may have a vegan boy/girlfriend, or you may be vegan yourselves, which creates something of a dilemma if you want to enjoy Red Velvet. With cream cheese and butter being the core ingredients of most Red Velvet recipes, the dessert is far from vegan. Fortunately, Sophie Sucrée is here to meet you and your SO's RV-needs.

Vegan and gluten-free bakery Sophie Sucrée takes the traditional Red Velvet and turns it on its head, in the best way possible. Despite the fact that SS’s “Not Red Velvet” cupcakes don’t use butter or cream cheese icing, the vegan-ized version definitely lives up to the flavour of the original. By special order you can even get a full-blown Red Velvet cake, too.


Sweet Isabelle

1652 A Fleury E

You get a two-for-one at Sweet Isabelle, depending on your Red Velvet needs. Anyone with an SO who's trying to avoid gluten will be happy to know that Sweet Isabelle offers an entirely gluten-free Red-Velvet cupcake, without losing out on flavour.

But if you two are looking for something a tad bit more exciting than just eating Red Velvet cupcakes (trust me, I know it's pretty exciting already) then you can partake in one of Sweet Isabelle's many cupcake workshops! Learn to decorate and make cupcakes like a pro, which you may even want to do alone, that way you can impress your SO later with your crazy baking skills.



If a simple Red Velvet-flavoured ice cream won't satiate you and your SO's cravings, then look no further than the mason jar Red Velvet milkshake at C'ChoColat (I, too have no idea how to pronounce this, so you are not alone). A sinful blend of Red Velvet cake, raspberries, cream cheese, all topped with whipped cream and a tiny RV cupcake (screw cherries), this milkshake is beyond indulgent. Better yet, you can add a shot of Vanilla Vodka to take this already-decadent milkshake to the next level.


Salon de thé CHAI tea lounge

3506 Du Parc

For more tea-related date ideas where you can enjoy some Red Velvet delights, head to CHAI, where you can actually snack on both cupcakes and macarons. Neither of the desserts are made in-house, however, with the Red Velvet macarons sent in from Point G and the cupcakes are made by Les Glaceurs (and I know if I didn't include Les Glaceurs somewhere on this list, I would get lynched). Now, the fact that the Red Velvet treats are sent in does mean they won't be quite as fresh as going directly to either bakery, but honestly, you probably won't even be able to tell the difference. Besides, at CHAI you get to enjoy the ambiance of a tea house, which is far more conducive for conversation (and thus, a good date) then heading into a busy bakery.


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