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10 Montreal Restaurants That Are Open On New Year's Day

Some of the very few restaurants open to help you get through the first day of the year.
10 Montreal Restaurants That Are Open On New Year's Day

You may think all of your favourite eateries are closed for New Year's Day, but you'd be wrong. A lot of food joints are taking the day off, although some venues, the real troopers, are opening their doors to let in the masses super hungover and hangry for some post-NYE grub. Rather than call a bunch of places or walk around in the cold, we've done the work for you. These ten restaurants will definitely be open and ready to serve you some delicious eats.

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 8am 24hrs 9am-4pm 6am-5pm 24hr 9am 11am11:30 a.m.-3 a.m. (both locations) 11am


93 Mont-Royal W

Open: 8am-4pm

The classic MTL diner/breakfast joint won't take a break on New Year's Day, thank God too, because their waffles and smoothies are epic.



Need some very early morning smoked meat? Good thing Schwartz's is open crazy early and throughout the day.

La Banquise


What better way is there to ring in the new year in Montreal than by eating poutine? There is no better way, so get at La Banquise for some deliciously potent poutine.

Bagels Etc.


We've already given so much love to Bagels Etc., so it's gonna be a surefire way to start a delicious year.

Eggspectations (Downtown Location)


You can grab all the classics at Eggspectations, and although we've only confirmed the DT spot, I know from experience (having worked there) that most of the other locations are open too.

Moe's Casse Croute du Coin


This greasy spoon is powering through NYE and staying open all day and night. Here's to a 4am brunch.

Bistro Grains de Folie


With so much variety, BGF will please anyone you're brunching with on New Year's Day, sloppy hookup included.

Le Pistou Dejeuner


Homemade jam, along with tons of crepes and eggs benedict, make Le Pistou Dejeuner a solid option.

McKibbins Irish Pub


Don't even bother to stop drinking. Get at this Irish pub and continue your liquid diet, or get some of their actual food items, you know, if you want.

Les 3 Brasseurs


More bar options for ya. Les 3 Brasseurs does have some legit food, so don't feel obliged to solely order beer.

Hope that helps your first hunger pangs of 2014 Montreal! Here's to an awesome food-filled year!

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