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10 Montreal Restaurants That Have Nutella On The Menu

Satisfying all your chocolate hazelnut needs.
10 Montreal Restaurants That Have Nutella On The Menu

Photo cred - Sarah Jane

We may not have a Nutella bar like some cities, but we do have a very, very serious love affair with the hazelnut chocolate spread. So, where do you go in Montreal when all you're really craving is Nutella? Besides the grocery store, of course, because in those cases all you need is a tub of Nutella and a spoon.

Here are some slightly classier ways to enjoy Nutella in Montreal:

1. L'Gros Luxe

End your meal of tacos and poutine grilled cheese with a pocket full of heavenly hazelnut spread and order L'Gros Luxe's Nutella Banana Hot Pocket. A puff pastry stuffed full of the divine flavour combo that is nutella+banana, topped with ice cream and a healthy chocolate drizzle, so basically everything you could ever want in a dessert.

2. BEVO Bar + Pizzeria

BEVO offers Montrealers a cool, trendy spot where you can have a cocktail and a slice of pizza, while bumping to some good beats. We have one thing to say, Montreal: never, ever leave without getting their Nutella pizza. It is literally pizza dough covered with Nutella, aka a slice of Heaven for your taste buds.

3. Restaurant L'Avenue

Although many of our local breakfast spots have Nutella on their menu, Restaurant L'Avenue's banana and Nutella pancakes are a can't-miss dish for any Nutella fan. Fluffy pancakes, bananas sauteed in rum, dusted with coconut and the most delicious serving of hazelnut-y Nutella goodness.

4. Regine Cafe

Regine Cafe is a trendy brunch and lunch spot whose food puts a familiar spin on old school favorites. The reason we go? Their homemade Nutella is to die for. Get it with some of their crumpets and you will not be disappointed.

5. Engaufrez-vous

Do waffles make you happy? If so, hold on tight, because we're about to make your life so much better. At Engaufrez-vous, you can have Nutella covered waffles. Yup, we'll see you there.

6. Creperie Chez Suzette

This cozy spot in Old Montreal has become a local favorite due to their amazing savory options (pizza crepe, anyone?). But, do you know what we hear? Their Nutella crepes are probably the best in the city. We're not arguing with this theory at all.

7. Restaurant Cielo

Cielo is a really fun tapas restaurant on St Laurent that has all the right characteristics to make us love it. Good vibe, great looking people and, above all else, Nutella. For dessert, order the fried gnocchi served on a plate of warm Nutella. You have never tried anything like it and you probably never will again.

8. La Cornetteria

La Cornetteria is a pastry shop straight out of Italy with a wide variety of cornetti (kind of like an Italian croissant?) and cannolis. In fact, they claim to be the only place in all of our beautiful city which serves fresh, authentic cornetti every morning. The best part? You can have it with Nutella!

9. Tartufo D'Oro

When this incredible Italian restaurant opened up, we gave you the full tour. We just wanted to remind you of something that may have slipped your mind: homemade Nutella and Amaretti cookie ice cream, topped with chocolate bark. We don't need to say anymore, do we?

10. St-Viateur Bagel

You already know that if you need a bagel in this town, one of your best bets is St-Viateur. Well, next time, get some Nutella on that bagel and it'll make your day that much better.

Where do you go for your Nutella fix?

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