10 Montreal Restaurants That Should Start Serving Poutine

Because, really, every Montreal resto should serve poutine anyway.
10 Montreal Restaurants That Should Start Serving Poutine

You'd think serving poutine would be a requirement for every restaurant in Montreal, but, alas, the city has yet to reach that state of poutine-utopia. One day, friends.

To lessen our woes, we let our stomach and taste buds' imaginations run wild and thought of some key Montreal food spots that should really be adding poutine to their regular menu.

Get deliciously hypothetical with our list of 10 Montreal restaurants that should start serving poutine:


2, Chez Boris

  • Poutine Week showed us that donuts instead of french fries works so very well. Chez Boris needs to start serving their poutine year-round. See the dish here.

3. Aux Vivres

  • If you're gonna eat vegan, it better be delicious, and Aux Vivres always does it up in a creativly scrumptious way. I can only dream of how they'd reinvent the poutine, and every dream features that delicious dragon sauce.

4. Comptoir 21

  • They've already got the fries and sauces down, now they just need to add in the curds and gravy. Fried fish seems like the perfect accompaniment (or new ingredient-addition) to a poutine.

5. Boustan

  • Boustan and poutine are a match made in drunk food heaven. Both are already greasy, comforting, and exactly what you crave at 3am. A 'Creation-Poutine' would be the greatest culinary achievement known to man, and no, I am not exaggerating.

6. L'Orignal

  • I'm sure this Old Montreal staple has done poutine before, but the dish isn't on their regular menu and really should be. My mouth waters at the thought of all the delectable meats and high class swag L'Orignal would add to their poutine.

7.  El Rey del Taco

  • Good Mexican is hard to come by in Montreal, and El Rey del Taco is one of the finest. Some zesty Mexican cuisine would work so well on a poutine. It'd taste like chili fries mixed with nachos.

8. Tkrestobar

  • I've had the ramen burger from this CDN joint, and my God is it awesome. Tkrestobar knows how to combine cuisines, and their poutine would surely be a unique and utterly delicious creation.

9. Qing Hua Dumpling

  • Dumplings and poutine may seem strange, but there's something there, I can feel it. Maybe take out fries for dumplings, throw in a dipping sauce for 'gravy' and go easy on the cheese curds? However they make it, I'd eat it.

10. Le Taj

  • Chef Guru already claims the curry-poutine fame, but just think about how a classier Indian joint like Le Taj would do the Indian-inspired poutine. If they replaced cheese curds for paneer, I wouldn't be angry, in fact, I'd give the chef a hug.

What restaurants do you think should serve poutine?

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