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10 Montreal Restaurants That Should Start Serving Weed Dishes

Why smoke when you can eat?
10 Montreal Restaurants That Should Start Serving Weed Dishes

Montreal is a trendsetter in the world of food, but it looks like Vancouver won the food-weed race. "Mega iLL," a pizza parlor in BC's capital has started serving up marijuana-infused pizza.

There are some limitations, like needing to be 18+ and having a medical marijuana license, but the concept of a restaurant serving cannabis-dishes got us thinking of Montreal restaurants that NEED to do the same.

Check 'em out below.

Joe's Panini & Pot

  • 24hr paninins, mac 'n cheese, chips, and candy? How does this place not already sell weed?


  • A meat-filled arepa at Bocodillo can weigh you down, or even be too much to eat. A quick bong hit would fix that right up.

Juliette et Chocolat et Cannabis

  • Fancy and slightly wholesome, yes, but the addition of a few quick puffs would take all that chocolate to the next level of delicious.

Bagels Etc.

  • What is already a hangover haven would become the ultimate wake and bake spot. Weed, eggs, and pancakes will cure any alcohol woes. No snappy title needed, as the "etc." could just include pot.

Freakier Lunchbox

  • Going into Freak Lunchbox you literally become a wideeyed kid in a candy store. Now imagine being a eyelids half closed, red-eyed stoner in a candy store. The smile on your face from the vast selection of jelly bellys, candy bars, and other crazy ass sweets would rest my case.

La Belle Province de Marijuana

  • Poutine and weed are pretty much a match made in heaven. You know that feeling you get when you eat poutine sometimes, and you're all "oh man, I probably shouldn't be eating this" and take a second to evaluate your life? Would never happen if you were stoned. You'd be too busy reveling in the cheesy-gravy-glory of your BP poutine. The same goes for pretty much every other menu item too.

Romados Vapor Lounge

  • Crack chicken would simply become chronic chicken and everything would be right with the world. The only danger in this pairing is falling into a Romados spiral, where the addictive aspects of both make you smoke to munch out on romados, then smoke to deal with how full you are, only to then become hungry again and eat more Romados, and so on, and so on, until you burst. Don't laugh, it happened to a friend of a friend of mine.

Carlos & Pepes & Pot

  • This one would be a blessing and a curse. While $1 taco night would become infinitely more delicious, you would probably walk out of there with a $20 bill, triple what you would normally pay. On the plus side, nachos make for some of the best munchies.

Grow Op 200

  • More of a bar than a restaurant, but the whole "partying in an apartment" vibe Apt. 200 is going for would reach new levels of authenticity if you had some stoner friends lighting up on the coaches. Let's also not forget about the entire arcade, 'cuz nothing says a good time like Time Crisis 2 or Tekken after a few puffs.


  • I will not even compromise the genius of this idea with a silly name. Boustan's, with it's menu of greasy delectables that walk the fine line between junk and real food, is the ultimate munch out. Imagine, after a night out on Crescent, walking to Boustan's (which is already open super late) for a quick night cap of a shawarma and a joint. Pure heaven.

Which Montreal restaurant do you think works best with weed?

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