10 Montreal Restaurants To Eat At If You Don’t Care About Your Diet

Gluttony at its finest.
10 Montreal Restaurants To Eat At If You Don’t Care About Your Diet

Photo cred - deville dinerbar

Yeah okay fitness is great. Eating right and getting exercise is really worth the hype when it comes down to it because you end up with a better quality of life. HOWEVER, life ain’t worth living if you don’t know how to treat yourself. So this is for all of you out there who are having a bad day/week/month. For those whose metabolisms could care less what you put in your body. You guys who troll #eatclean. And all ya’ll who have thrown your fucks to the wind and just want something that’s so decadent you won’t shit for a week. This is for you.

1. Rockaberry

4275 Saint Denis

Pie: The most underrated dessert there is. Rockaberry is the numero uno place to go after a shitty break up. There is nothing more comforting than a steaming heap of pie to make you feel like everything is going to be alright.

2. Deville Dinerbar

1425 Stanley

This restaurant is based off of roadside diners you’ll find in the States, so you gotta know this place is good. Anything you get at Deville Dinerbar is going to be an indulgence. Their salads are portioned to feed a family of five. I recommend a vanilla milkshake and a lobster burger. It is yum-my my friends.

3. Dany’s Pizza

1237 Rue De La Montagne

You Concordians know what I’m talkin’ about. The white spinach pizza at Dany’s is enough to make anyone have a foodgasm. Twice.

4. Smoked Meat Petes

1st ave, 283, L'Île-Perrot

I feel like Smoked Meat Pete's takes the whole “go big or go home” phrase very seriously. It’s a little out of the way for city dwellers but you’ll honestly never be able to find a fatty cut of meat as good as they do there.

5. Moe’s Diner

1455 Rue Lambert Closse

4AM Breakfast? No problem. Moe’s Diner is all about making fast tasty breakfast style grub. They use so much butter while cooking, lactose intolerant folks have to stay at least 100 kilometres away at all times.

6. Juliette Et Chocolat

3600 St-Laurent, Montréal

It says it all in the name.

7. Poutineville

1348 Beaubien Est

Montrealers love some good poutine. Wait, scratch that. Everyone loves good poutine. And if you want quality and consistency, then Poutineville is the place to go. They’re so inventive with their recipes, you’ll want to try them all. Let’s face it you probably will try them all.

8. Taverne Gaspar


For people who want to be gluttonous, the classy way. Taverne Gaspar has all your favourite comfort food cooked to perfection, and plated to the nines.

9. Freak LunchBox

3680 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

This one is for all you candy lovers. Freak Lunchbox has got the best candy out there. Whenever I go I feel like a little kid again, and get hyperactive sugar rushes. In my opinion, it is nostalgia at its finest.

10. Picks

1407 Rue Saint Marc

Even though this place is quite small, it packs a punch like no other. Picks is the place to go when you want a burger done your way. They’ve got all the classic toppings as well as some quirky extras. And if you’re looking to add some extra grease to your plate, then try the Kogo (or the Korean pogo). It’s oh so bad, but it tastes so good.

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