10 Montreal Restaurants To Take Your Significant Other Before Having Sex

Tried, tested and true.
10 Montreal Restaurants To Take Your Significant Other Before Having Sex

Whoever is reading this - I'm sure you're already amazing in bed. But hey, it never hurts to add a little extra stamina and bring your romance to a whole new level. Right? I thought so.

Did you know that certain foods can actually improve your performance in bed? This applies to both men and women. So I put together a list of so-called aphrodisiacs that you can easily order on your next date. I've also picked the best Montreal restaurants that have these performance boosters on their menus for your convenience. You're welcome!

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Avo toast from Buck 15 Espresso Bar

Did you know that avocado was once banned in Spain by catholic priests because it was considered "obscenely sexy?" It's rich in amino acids, vitamins, potassium and everything else your body needs for a good performance, if you know what I mean.

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Tarte chocolat caramel fleur de sel from Maison Christian Faure

Chocolate contains PEA, also known as the "love chemical." It releases dopamine in the pleasure centres and makes you feel extra good. And there's no better way to indulge in chocolaty goodness than having tarte chocolat caramel fleur de sel from Maison Christian Faure.

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Oysters from Harlow

Oysters are high in zinc which increases libido and makes you crave that dessert *wink wink*. You're probably familiar with oysters' aphrodisiac reputation already, but you might not know that Harlow restaurant in Montreal serves the freshest oysters on a daily basis and they're ridiculously good.

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Red wine from Vin Papillon

Red wine is a body relaxant. It also contains resveratrol, an antioxidant that improves blood circulation. Vin Papillon is a popular Montreal wine bar that has a great selection of reds.

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Salmon tartare from Grinder

Salmon is packed with Omega-3 fatty acids that help make sex-hormone production run smoother. You probably know by now that Grinder has the best salmon tartare in town... just throwing it out there.

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Pizza bianca from No 900

Figs have been associated with love, fertility and sexuality ever since Adam and Eve times. Its texture and shape will also stimulate your senses. Pizza bianca from No 900 is made with spicy pancetta, diced fresh figs, goat cheese and is topped with arugula drizzled with aged balsamic vinegar. Yummy!

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Le ragoût d'escargots in basil sauce from Leméac

Basil is a very strong aphrodisiac. Lémeac restaurant serves a gorgeous plate of snails on a bed of basil sauce. Delicious and oh, so pretty to look at.

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Jalapeno cornbread from Escondite

Jalapeno and other spicy peppers contain capsaicin. It increases blood flow and stimulates nerve endings. As a result, you end up feeling more aroused. Having said that, you must try Escondite's Jalapeño corn bread. You simply must.

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Coffee from TOMMY

Caffeine is known to decrease the likeness of ED among men. Sip away at the best coffee shop in town - TOMMY cafe + apero.

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Banana crepes from l'Avenue

Certain minerals found in bananas are said to increase the male libido. They're also rich in potassium that has muscle building power. I'll let you put two and two together to figure out why these banana crepes from l'Avenue make the perfect aphrodisiac dish.

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