10 Montreal Restaurants Where It's Acceptable To Get Turnt During Your Meal

Order another one, no regrets.
10 Montreal Restaurants Where It's Acceptable To Get Turnt During Your Meal

Have you ever been out for dinner, enjoyed a nice cocktail, and thought 'Wow, I could easily have three more of these but I don't want to be that inappropriately drunk person'? Yeah, we've all been there. Sometimes you wish you could turn your chill dinner out into a lively bar night, but the environment doesn't exactly allow it.

But in these Montreal bars and restaurants, you don't have to worry about getting a little tipsy while enjoying your meal. And they don't skimp on the quality of food either - I mean, in a city with some of the best bars and restaurants in the world, there's no reason why top quality dishes can't exist alongside a lively bar scene.

1. Majestique

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4105 Boul St-Laurent

With great oysters and other seafood fare on the menu, Majestique's dishes are upscale and inventive, so you won't be disappointed by their food. But rest assured the ambiance is lively and fun, and their cocktails are seriously on point. You'll find a lineup here on weekend nights, a telltale sign that this bar hits all the marks when it comes to food, drinks and good times.


2. L'Gros Luxe

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3807 Rue Saint-André | 150 Rue Bernard O | Multiple locations

Honestly, I think if the concept of 'getting turnt at dinner time' could be perfectly captured in a photo, it's this one. Everyone knows L'Gros Luxe serves up arguably the best caesars in Montreal, and if you order the one above, you won't even need a separate meal. Aside from Caesars, L'Gros Luxe has awesome cheap food, so you're truly getting the most bang for your buck here.


3. Joverse

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52 Rue Saint-Jacques

A popular spot in Montreal's Old Port, Joverse nails it with their excellent menu, creative drinks, and overall enjoyable atmosphere. If you're looking for some daytime fun, their terrasse is great, and at night, the inside turns into a pretty lively scene. Come here for the food, stay for the inevitable good times.


4. Grenade

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1603 Rue Ontario E

Grenade serves up some seriously delicious Asian food - their bao buns are to die for - and their terrasse is truly magical. If this weren't enough of a draw already, Grenade is known to be a nighttime hotspot any day of the week. Head here if you're looking for a gorgeous environment to enjoy some great food and also get your drink on.


5. Les Torches

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74 Avenue du Mont-Royal E

A popular bar in the Plateau, many people may think of Les Torches as solely a nighttime spot, but I assure you, walk past there at 4:00 p.m. on a Friday, and you'll see people already getting their weekend started. Alongside great cocktails and house beers, Les Torches serves up some delicious charcuterie and other delights. Sit back, get turnt, and eat well.



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Trying to go out for dinner and drinks on a budget? No problem - CINKO's entire food menu is only $5. That's right, five bucks for a decently sized meal, so you don't have to feel guilty about spending a little more on drinks. CINKO is open late, and it's a super popular nighttime spot, so head here around 7 or 8 and watch the action unfold.


7. Terrasse Nelligan

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106 Rue Saint Paul O

Alright, if you haven't been to Terrasse Nelligan yet this summer, make it your mission to get there ASAP. It's a bonafide summer hotspot, and the views of Montreal you get from the terrasse are truly beautiful. That being said, this is definitely a place to happily turn up during your meal, and the good vibes make it so easy to do so. Watch the sun go down on this terrasse and you'll have yet another reason for a round of cheers.


8. Deville Dinerbar

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1425 Rue Stanley

With super inventive dishes and even more creative drinks, Deville Dinerbar is a top choice when it comes to the perfect restaurant/bar mix. The decor and ambiance are upscale yet fun, and you'll find bustling crowds on a weekend, a clear indication that this is the place to start off your night the right way.


9. Vices & Versa

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6631 Boul St-Laurent

One of the best terrasses in all of the Plateau, Vices & Versa is an excellent spot for you to begin the night's festivities. With tasty classic pub food on the menu, and speciality beers to choose from, you definitely can't go wrong at Vices & Versa. Get your drink on here and see where the night takes you.


10. Biiru

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1433 Rue City Councillors

Biiru is one of the hottest spots in Montreal right now, and for good reason. It's hard to say if the interior or the terrasse is more beautiful - both are decorated so well with an Asian-inspired theme to match the awesome cuisine. You'll immediately fall in love with the food, and paired with one of their inspired cocktails, its a recipe to get a little turnt and enjoy life. I think it's safe to say Biiru has everything we're looking for - a charming environment, great food, and an atmosphere that says 'Go ahead, have another.' Cheers.


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