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10 Montreal Restaurants Where You Can Eat For Under $10

Tasty, filling meals don't have to break your budget.

Friends, not going to lie to you: I know the struggle. I know the struggle of attempting to budget school and life and meals and everything all at once... it's not easy. It's okay. I understand.

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Which is why it's so awesome that Montreal has tons of spots where you can grab some food on the cheap. There are plenty of spots around the city that make some legit meals for $10 or under, but a select few happen to stand out.

1. La Carreta

via @ilovebeccalove

350 Rue Saint-Zotique E

Okay, who here is a fan of Salvadorian cuisine? Everyone? Great! There's no better spot in the city to take care of your Salvadorian food crave than this Little Italy spot; and their pupusas go for around $3 each, meaning you can feast until your heart desires.

2. Kiffin

via @cafekiffin

3439 Saint-Denis

This Plateau restaurant (and caterer!) has one mission: to provide delicious, healthy food for amazing prices. And trust, they deliver. Their food is always fresh and tasty, and most of their dishes cash in at under $10.


3. Le Clafouti

via @me_vy

2122 Rue Drummond

Anyone who works or goes to school downtown should know about this hidden spot. Offering delicious meals, like salads, sandwiches, and soups, for super inexpensive - and including vegetarian options, as well - there's no way you can go wrong here.


4. Pushap

via @roxannef_

5195 Rue Paré,

This vegetarian Indian restaurant is exactly the perfect place to go if you want to eat some tasty, healthy, flavourful food on a budget. A light meal might cost you less than $5, with a full meal hitting at the $10 mark.


5. Ta Pies

via @ta_pies

4520 Av du Parc

This Plateau bakery specializes in one thing: pies. They're savoury, flaky, delicious, and small enough to be eaten in one sitting, making the perfect snack or meal. Most of the pies are well under $10 each, too, so you can go ahead and stock up if you're up to it.


6. La Folie du Koshary

via @beantag

1444 Rue Saint Mathieu

An Egyptian restaurant right near Concordia University, this spot focuses on serving up an incredibly authentic Egyptian dining experience. All of the dishes are delicious, and a good many of them hit just at (or under) the $10 mark.


7. Taqueria Arturo

via @taqueriaarturo

64 Rue Prince Arthur E

A brand new Plateau restaurant, Taqueria Arturo serves up unique Mexican fare for super inexpensive. Prices vary, but tacos don't cost more than $5, and plenty of burritos go for under the $10 mark.


8. Caraïbe Delite

via @gaph87

4816 Av du Parc

This Plateau restaurant serves up roti, curry, soups, salads, jerk chicken, and more. All of their roti dishes go for under $10, with their jerk chicken and certain curry dishes going for just above the $10 mark.


9. Cafe Frida

via @_jeannj_

4412 Rue Notre-Dame O

Located in St. Henri, this taco shop is exactly what everyone needs in their life, TBH. Serving up incredibly delicious tacos for about $2.50 each, and quesadillas for $6, choosing a meal from Tacos Frida is always a really good decision.


10. Dobe & Andy

via @mcssfam

1111 Rue Saint-Urbain

Situated in Montreal's Chinatown, this restaurant is cozy, cute, unassuming, and totally awesome. Check out for their lunch special, where a huge variety of dishes won't cost you more than $6.75.


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