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10 Montreal Sandwiches You Need To Eat

We choose our favourites, because we can.
10 Montreal Sandwiches You Need To Eat

A very enticing article has been trending around the city that lists 35 sandwiches you have to eat before you die. This piece is legit, and you definitley should be eating these 'wiches.

Still, this got us to thinking, why were our favourites omitted?. What sandwiches do we love most? Well here is the answer, aka MTL Blog's list of Epic Montreal Sandwiches You Need To Eat Right Now.

TKResto bar: Ramen Burger

TK's ramen-beef creation did make the original list, but I couldn't help but include it in ours. As I stressed in our original review, this burger is just as delicious as you think it would be. Nay, more delicious. A ramen bun is what a beef patty has been looking for all its life. The noodles sop up all the meaty juices to make a burger that is not only unique, but deliciously filling.

Boustan: The Creation

Another sandwich that made the first list, Boustan's Creation is basically a fusion of the veggie and meat (chicken or beef) pita. Sounds simple, until you take a bite and you get a splooge of garlicky-savoury flavour. Grease gets up in everywhere, and it's a magical experience. Perfect drunk food.

The Grilled Cheese Poutine

Okay, so this isn't actually served at a Montreal restaurant, but it definitely should be (I'm looking at you Le Cheese). Obviously inspired by the cuisine of the city, this is something that needs to get in my mouth. And yours. Don't lie like you don't want it.

Bocadillo: Passion Fruit Pulled Pork Arepa

Words cannot describe my love for Bocadillo. Everything on their menu is 'nom worthy, and none more so than the super flavourful Passion Fruit Pulled Pork arepa. You could go big and get the full sized sandwich, but the arepa is much more manageable, and the corn-meal bun absorbs the sweet and spicy juices of the pork. Feel free to get one with cheese or other additions, just be sure to pair it with a side of yuca fries.

Super Sandwich: Egg Salad Sandwich

McGillians will be very familiar with Super Sandwich, the dep-deli hybrid just by campus. Super Sandwich is super special for just how cheap everything is, and no sandwich is as affordably delicious as the egg salad. Prices at a frugal $2.75, the egg salad hits the perfect medium between mayo-y and mustard-y, and when served on a warmed French bun, it'll keep you satisfied for a good long while.

Patati Patata: Breakfast Sandwich

I discovered Patati Patata's breakfast sandwich while wasted at 5pm on St. Patricks day. I hadn't eaten all day, and when I took a bite into this perfect blend of egg-bacon-cheese and veggies, I had a small orgasm. I chocked this up to the drunchies, until I had the Breakfast Sandwich again and was taken to the same level of ecstasy. Best breakast sammy in the city, IMO. (Truth: pic isn't the real thing, but it looks almost exactly the same)

Reuben's Deli : Super Smoked Meat Sandwich (with liver)

Why have one type of meat when you can have two? More is always better when it comes to meat, and the pairing of chopped liver and smoked meat in Rueben's special sandwich is beyond tasty. The smoked meat gives a the salty-smokey sandwich base, while the liver adds a velvety texture that is full of fragrant, but not overpowering, spice. Nothing beats meat on meat. That came out weird...but you get what I mean.

Diablos BBQ: 6th Deadly Sin Burger

Imagine a burger filled with all of the fixings, then deep fried. Well, you don't have to fantasize, because Diablos BBQ serves this testimony to delicious gluttony all year round. 4th in 2012's Burger Week, this sandwich is not for the faint of heart. Actually, you may have a heart attack, either from flavour-overloard or an artery clog. Both are worth it, trust.

Dragon Sandwich: Auv Vivres

Vegan is just another word that means delicious, at least at Aux Vivres. Every sandwich at Aux Vivres is a meatless masterpiece, but none rank as high to my tastebuds as the Dragon Sandwich. Loaded up with veggies, grilled tofu, and 'dat dragon sauce, this is a sandwich so good you'd never even think it was healthy.

Joe's Panini: Chicken Caeser

In all honesty, Joe's Panini is pretty simple when it comes to sandwiches, and that's the beauty of it. For an affordable $5.50 you can ge a freshly made and pressed panini in a huge variety of flavours (group fave is the Spicy Chicen). The sandwiches are legit, but it's the atmosphere of Joe's that make it magical. Open 24hrs, Joe's is the ultimate munchies spot, perfect for stoners, drunk-food-fiends, or anyone looking for some snackage.

What's your favourite Montreal sandwich?

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