10 Montreal Spots A Tourist Can And Should Pick Up At In The City

Everyone is looking for lust, especially out of towners.
10 Montreal Spots A Tourist Can And Should Pick Up At In The City

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It's definitely easier to seal the deal while your on vacation.

Once the other person finds out your a tourist the game becomes a whole lot easier. Walls breakdown and you both get comfortable as you damn well know you wont be seeing each other anytime soon.

Without the social pressure/reputation issues, a tourist is always more free to take risks and do unusual things. Zero fvcks should be given... you're not from here, so don't be shy.

Harness your cahonas & approach that guy/gal, but always say you're leaving the next day so you can ensure a hook up as you only have to tonight to "be together" .

Our Montreal clubs/bars are generally full of possibility, they span to all styles of interest types ranging from bearded bros to hipster gals.

So here we've listed friendly pick up spots and the type of guy or gal you are most likely to pick up in each spot. This way, while browsing, you have more of an idea of what your in for.

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426 St Gabriel St

  • Underground club
  • Badass ambiance
  • Extremely seductive
  • Wickedly alluring darkness
  • Loud/Pulsing EDM
  • Tunnels, stone walls, candles

Girls & Guys: Dangerously good-looking, as well as the staff = wow.



52 Rue Saint-Jacques

  • Chill atmosphere, crowded for comfort
  • Perfect place to try out these lines:

Was your father a thief? Because he stole the stars from the sky and put them in your eyes.

Do you believe in love at first sight, or shall I walk by again?

Do you have a map? I keep getting lost in your eyes.

The only thing your eyes haven't told me is your name.

Girls: Mature, older, cougars, casual, classy, hipsters

Guys: Older, professionals, cash flashers


Terrasses Bonsecours

Quais Du Vieux-Port

  • Incomparable 360° view of the St-Lawrence River, Downtown Montreal and Old Port
  • VIP Style booths
  • Grilled summer eats
  • Grass flooring
  • Luxurious atmosphere

Girls: College/University girls, white girl wasted, some classy, some not so much

Guys: Studs, bros, juice heads, handsome, mature


Suite 701

701 Côte de la Place d'Armes

  • Laid-back atmosphere
  • Roof-top bar
  • Beautiful- lots of chandeliers
  • Mingle with sophistication
  • Downtown skyline

Girls: Classy, VIP, Up-sale, high maintenance, mature

Guys: Professionals, mature, bearded, sexy, suits


New City Gas

950 Ottawa St

  • EDM lovers UNITE
  • Friendly crowd, jump together in unity
  • Newfound friends
  • Bring sunglasses

Girls: Loud, wild, hard ravers, aggressive.. don't push near them, they might think you're trying to cut in front and they'll literally push you back. **Mingle on the terrace, then go back in and rave together.

Guys: Loud, wild bros, ready to have a good time


Le Confessional

431 McGill St

  • Open Tues-Frid. 5-3am
  • There is a pole in the back if you want to show off your striper skills
  • Thursday nights are happening!
  • Dimly lit

Girls: Beautiful, dancing queens

Guys:Handsome and very sharp


Apt. 200

3643 rue St-Laurent

  • Arcade games, pool tables, couches, dance floor and bar
  • Design is funky and eclectic
  • Friendly crowd

Girls: Hipsters, young, tattoos, outgoing, wild, stylish hotties, 20 -30

Guys: Urban professionals, swag, stylish, hipster hotties, 20-35



1426 Rue Bishop

  • University Students (right next to Concordia)
  • Great selection of beers
  • Friendly crowd/good vibes
  • Live music

Girls: Outgoing, loud, upbeat, students, preppy, laid back

Guys: Jocks, friendly, students, also quite loud, laid-back


3702 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

  • College/University student bar
  • CHEAP booze = crowded
  • 11$ pitchers
  • Free popcorn, pool tables

Girls: Hipsters, mature, loud, shy, studious (variety of Montreal women)

Guys: Urban professionals, mature, pint lovers, old geezers (all kinds)

Old Port

  • Walking around the Old Port is a sure way to meet people especially during the long summer months.
  • It's tourist central so it's not uncommon after dinner on a terrace to ask some attractive girls/guys where they're off for the night or directions to wherever their going.
  • The masses usually do swarm in for the International Fireworks Competition on Saturdays so best you give it a shot then ;).

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