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10 Montreal Spots Where Gorgeous Models Hang Out

Models and bottles.
10 Montreal Spots Where Gorgeous Models Hang Out

If you're on a hunt for beautiful people, this post is perfect for you. A lot of guys and even, sometimes, girls ask me the following question: "Irina, where do all the models hang out in Montreal? How come I never see them?" You never see them because you're going to all the "wrong" places. Have no fear though, I'm here to help! Follow me and I'll introduce you to the glamorous and fashionable side of Montreal nightlife. I present to you the ultimate list to our city's clubs, restaurants and bars (in no particular order) where models hang out.

1. New City Gas

950 Rue Ottawa

New City Gas is a massive Live Music Venue located in a historic industrial space, with DJs, live entertainment, outdoor terrace and beautiful models. If you've never been there before, make sure to check out their huge Halloween party featuring Kygo and Armin Van Buuren.


2. Soubois Restaurant

1106 Maisonneuve Blvd W

A relatively new addition to Montreal's nightlife, Soubois is a restaurant that turns into a club. You will feel like you're in an enchanted forest thanks to its magical decor and beautiful mermaids (see photo above).


3. Scarlet Exclusive

139 Rue Saint Paul O

Scarlet Exclusive is a posh eatery and lounge located in the Old Port. It's paradise for seafood lovers. They're also very generous on eye candy...


Photo cred - Instagram

4. Somwhr Liquor Lounge

401 rue Notre-Dame Ouest

Montreal's secret nightclub that's home to countless models and bottles. If you know about this place, you're part of the "cool crew", congratulations.


5. Flyjin

417 Rue St. Pierre

Flyjin is a Japanese fusion izakaya(a.k.a. restaurant) that turns into a trendy night club. Models love to dance their nights away here.


6. Restaurant Harlow

438 Place Jacques Cartier

Harlow is a traditional French restaurant with elegant art deco-inspired setting. It's known to attract celebrities when they visit Montreal and models off duty.


7. Restaurant Grinder

1708 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest

Grinder restaurant is known for its raw and cooked meats, seafood and sharing plates. Models love this place because it allegedly serves the best tartares in the city.


8. Pandore

1300 Rue Saint Dominique

Pandore is a sophisticated French eatery/cabaret/nightclub with a beautiful terrace and a gorgeous clientele.


Photo cred - Instagram

9. Ryu

288 Laurier West Street

Ryu is a Japanese sushi bar/restaurant that serves fresh fusion dishes in a fun and vibrant atmosphere. You'll love to just sit there and people watch because their crowd is very caliente.

Photo cred - Instagram

10. Ristorante Buonanotte

3518 Boul St-Laurent

Ristorante Buonanotte, an Italian restaurant that turns into a nightclub after the sun goes down, has been around since 1991(!!!!). If you know Montreal, you obviously know that Buonanotte has the hottest staff and clientele.


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