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11 Montreal Spots With The Hottest Staff

Everyone can appreciate a little eye candy.
11 Montreal Spots With The Hottest Staff

The nightlife in Montreal is riddled with good looking people. If the idea of being served by models gives you butterflies in the stomach, it's your lucky day! We've put together a list of Montreal bars, restaurants and clubs with the hottest staff ever. Everyone can appreciate a little eye candy, right? We thought so. Enjoy!

1. Velvet Speakeasy

426 Rue Saint Gabriel

Sexy hipsters with a flare for L.A. fashion who know how to have a good time - a winning combination. That's Velvet's Speakeasy club staff. Uhuh, honey.


2. Harlow

438 Place Jacques Cartier

Old Hollywood glam is what Harlow, a French restaurant and bar, is all about and it definitely reflects in their staff. Classic beauty and style, very eye-pleasing.


3. Flyjin

417 Rue St Pierre

A Japanese fusion izakaya that turns into a club with a good looking staff is a recipe for greatness if you ask me.


Photo cred - Nadiva Charania

4. New City Gas

950 Rue Ottawa

New City Gas club staff will make your heart beat really fast. They're hot, fun and flirty. If I was a boy, I'd live there.


5. Terrasses Bonsecours

364 Rue de la Commune O

Terrasses Bonsecours girls are so irresistibly charming, you won't ever want to leave. Seriously. Look at that smile!


6. Muzique

3781 Boulevard Saint Laurent

Saint Laurent street staple, Muzique nightclub, should definitely be on this list as well. Their girls are smoking hot. Like, I can’t even right now… Photo proof above.


7. Scarlet Exclusive

139 Rue Saint Paul O

Scarlet, a stylishly luxurious eatery and lounge which employs very elegant and classy staff. Beauty and sophistication go so well together.


8. Ristorante Buonanotte

3518 Boul St-Laurent

Buonanotte is notorious for its beautiful staff and sexy uniforms. If you didn't know that Buonanotte girls are hot, then you have probably been living under a rock. So come on put from under there and step into the world of #buonadolls.


Photo cred - Ed Yao

9. Pandore

1300 Rue Saint Dominique

Hit up Pandore, a restaurant slash cabaret and find yourself surrounded by hot staff that will serve you drinks, food and probably a smile if you're lucky. So lovely.


10. Time Supper Club

997 Rue Saint-Jacques

Time Supper Club is known for its beautiful hostesses, waitresses and barmaids. Models and bottles is the magic combination of the establishment.


11. Somwhr Liquor Lounge

401 rue Notre-Dame O

Somwhr Liquor Lounge is a new cool Montreal spot that looks very promising (see photo above). Hello gorgeous ladies!


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