10 Montreal Stores Where You Can Get Affordable Summer Accessories

Give your summer style a lil’ extra something.
10 Montreal Stores Where You Can Get Affordable Summer Accessories

Photo cred - Polina

An outfit is never complete without a little bit of pop. Whether it be colourful bangles, sleek stilettos or a rockin’ floppy hat, sometimes you just need that somethin’somethin’ to make your outfit a game changer. With the Summer approaching, it’s time to get yourself, and your wardrobe ready to shine. While modest jewellry is perfect for Winter, in the Summer, people tend to go out of their comfort zone and choose something that really helps them stand out. So, if you’re interested in spicing up your summer style, but don’t know where to go, why don’t you check these places out.

1. Kooka

3664 St-Laurent blvd

Kooka’s style is definitely on trend. They have intricate pieces, that tie together any outfit you choose. It’s an affordable way to buy costume jewelry that will last you longer than three wears.

2. Art Pop

129 Avenue Mont-Royal Est

The accessories at Art Pop Boutique have a Pinterest-y vibe. Their jewelry is a mix of whimsical designs in bronze and gold and quirky colourful pieces. They will make your outfit a fun little mishmash.

3. Simons

977 Saint Catherine Street West

Yes, I am aware that this is a strange option to put on the list, but just hear me out. All of the jewelry I have ever bought at Simon’s has been great. It lasts a long time and you have so many options. Walking in to their accessories department is like Christmas. Not only does Simon’s have a great selection of rings and necklaces, but they also have really colourful, bright bags and shoes. It’s an accessory A-Plus for me.

4. A La Mode Montreal

If bright and bold is your jive, A La Mode is the place for you. They do a variety of different accessories, including home décor, but I am personally a fan of their clothing. A La Mode primarily deals in shoes and bags, which is great because that is my shopping kryptonite. Their look is practical and comfortable, yet still fashion forward

5. Boutique Creatures

171 Mont-Royal E.

I love to wear summer accessories with an edge. It juxtaposes you cutsy summer sundress, giving a look that is both complex and put together. Boutique Creatures should be your choice for just that. I personally like their bags because they are black, studded and make me feel v. rock and roll.

6. Solo Echantillons

1328 Avenue Laurier E

Solo Enchantillons is the place to buy your beach wear In Montreal. They have everything from, adorable bikinis’ to big shady sun hats!

7. Coccinelle Jaune

4236 Rue Sainte-Catherine E,

More commonly known as “The Yellow Lady Bug” to us Anglos, this is the place with the most selection of bracelets. Like uber cute ones too. They have a boho atmosphere, complete with glass blown and silver bangles.

8. FaFa Montreal

1455, rue Peel,

If you are all about bags all the time, then FaFa is the place for you. They have literally everything from totes to clutches. I think they’re perfect for summer, because their items are mad affordable to those shopping on a budget. I love their wide selection of summer leather bags. They have all the quality of your Winter purse, with the flare of Summer.

9. Watch Station

1019 Rue Ste-Catherine O,

The product is in the name. Even though the summer is generally a time of year to relax, you still gotta keep your eye on the clock. The Watch Station has anything and everything you could ever want when it comes to a watch.

10. Eva B


Eva B may seem more like a clothing locale, but do not be fooled my dear friends. I have found a lot of cute accessory items from this place. They’re mostly chillin’ in the small bins at the front of the store. If you don’t mind digging around for an unorthodox pair of hoops, you’ll be golden.

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