10 Montreal Themed Shirts To Show Off Your Pride For The City

You'll wanna wear these Ts.
10 Montreal Themed Shirts To Show Off Your Pride For The City

Finding fashion that reps Montreal's unique culture is a lot harder to come by than you'd think. Sure there are plenty of fashion designers that inhabit the city, but the collection of shirts, tees, hoodies, and wearables that graphically showcase Montreal is pretty sparse.

We think that's a serious problem, because if cities like New York have a huge amount iconic shirts, so should Montreal. Fortunately, Kusteez is around to hook all of Montreal up with custom made tees that can truly show some city pride.

Born and based in Montreal, Kusteez does all sorts of designs, with plenty of pretty awesome pre-made tees that vary from hilarious to chic. Best of all though, Kusteez lets you make your own shirt with their online designing tool. You can put anything you want on your shirt and Kusteez will craft it for you, even allowing you to put on pictures and images of just about anything.

Because we know you want to rep Montreal all the time, we've created 10 different Montreal-tastic tees you can wear with pride or as inspiration for making your own design.

A classic Kusteez original, to get the ball rolling

Let the bagel war continue

The Starks know what's up

For the bro in your life

Perhaps the greatest pickup line ever? No, but still funny.

Another Kusteez design, combining our signature dish with the political leader whose name the entire province misspells

For all the single ladies

Sad, but true

It happens, and this shirt is there for you when it does


See more of Kusteez sweet tees and designs at their Facebook page, official website, and Instagram feed.

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