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10 Montreal Things Only 90s Kids Will Remember

Take a trip back to a simpler time.
10 Montreal Things Only 90s Kids Will Remember

So as we all know 90s kids are the end-all-be-all of cool, plus anything "90s throwback" is so hot right now. Let's go back to a simpler day when we only had 40 channels on TV and paint and solitaire were the only accessible programs on the computer. Hopefully most of us can remember these 90s activities and if not, lay off the dope kids!

1. Going to Jungle Jungle for Birthday Parties

Jungle Jungle (or Jungle Adventure) was like the epitome of crazy birthday parties. Get your face painted, eat pizza, popcorn and candy till you puke (and there was always one kid that did) then start all over again. Bonus points if you stole balls from the ball pit.

2. Scamming the STM

So this was a meticulous heist you would plan on a daily basis. Old transfers with smudged off numbers went to the bottom of the bag, tickets were ripped in half and swiftly shoved into the slot and bus passes were passed out the window and through back pockets to be used by your friends behind you; the best part was that the driver couldn't say shit! If you had the monthly pass you were an OG, but if you lost it...

Photo cred - cegepsl

3. Renting VHS's at the Library

This was awesome! the library had like 100 movies and you would always rent the same ones... Because who really reads, come on? The librarian always gave you this look of disappointment (as if she was losing faith in our generation). Personally, I went to the Pierrefonds library and my selection of choice usually included: Spice World, Beurre de Peanut, and Hocus Pocus.

4. Bibi et Geneviève

For some reason everyone always watched this show but it was actually so low budget. Geneviève was an expert at stating the obvious but apparently the plot was that Bibi was on an internship on planet Earth. Also Bibi was kinda cute but always a bit freaky with his long-ass fingers and giant eyeballs. Not gonna lie, he's been the cause of few nightmares.

5. Zeller's Diners

Zellers always did look a little shady. They always had awkward lighting and a very peculiar smell, but their toy section was so much cooler then Walmart's. It was more underground, like the hipster toy section of the 90s . They all had these diners at the back of the restaurant that was like a forbidden place you could never go to, it was always filled with old people and seemed straight out of the 1950s.

6. José Théodore Was the Hottest Guy

The ex Montreal goalie was the cutest guy alive for every girl in Montreal. Writing his name in the snow surrounded by hearts and arguing over who was his imaginary girlfriend.

7. Day Trips to Santa's Village with the 'Rents

Looking back, even as a child, it was quite obvious that Santa's Village was slightly disappointing. There were 2 of these, each one crappier than the next, but you didn't seem to care at the time. There really wasn't any reason to go all the way to New Hampshire to see the broken down "land of mystery". There was also the Village du Père Noël in the Laurentians, but there was almost nothing to do besides getting your face painted and going on those crappy boats that ran out of juice every 2 minutes. The reindeer always seemed angry, but good times were had anyways.

Photo cred - Ryan

8. Going to Expos games

Those games were the best. The team was pretty good and the crowd would go wild slamming down the empty seats next to them. Every time you went the experience wouldn't be complete until you got mad junk at the snack stand and begged your parents for a super expensive memento from the gift shop.

9. Cap St-Jacques Beach

That's what's great about living in Montreal, not only do you get the big city aspect but you can just as easily hit up a lakefront beach on the same island. Even though it was located right in the West Island, it was always a big production to get there; You needed: a bag for sand toys, a bag for towels, sunscreen, goggles, and flip flops, a cooler for sandwiches and those folding chairs, not the compact ones we have now, the big yellow ones with metal bars that only folded in half. Ahhh the memories.

10. La Ronde Haunted House

Getting into the little cart and creeping into the dark ride with the sketchy mood music was so intense, but thinking back it really wasn't scary at all. The anticipation of those plastic zombies and fake ghosts was a killer though. Once you were out you bragged about how not scary it was, but really, you almost cried every time. Sadly there are more than a few iconic LaRonde rides you can't access any longer: The Gondola that went over the lake, the Ice Palace, the Nintendo Zone and of course, the Volcanosaur.

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