10 Montreal Things That Will Never Change

Can't touch these ever.
10 Montreal Things That Will Never Change

Photo cred - Wichan Ying

Election day is looming and people are looking towards the future of Montreal with some worry. The fate of the city will be decided after Monday, for better or worse.

Still, there are certain things that will never change in this city, regardless of who becomes dominant political party of the province.

To ease your election-racked mind a bit, here are 10 things that will never, ever change in Montreal no matter who wins the elections.

1. Poutine will still be delicious

  • Especially at 3am

2. Winter will still be awful

  • You can never win with that total b called Mother Nature

3. Everyone will still smoke weed at Tam Tams

  • Politics does not apply on Sundays

4. Frosh will still be the worst for everyone who isn't a student

  • Drunk students parading through the streets never get old...only if you're drunk too.

5. 11pm will still be too early of a cut off time for beer and wine

  • To be fair, anytime that isn't 24hrs is too early.

6. Drinking on terraces on a sunny summer day will still be the best thing ever

  • Sangria or beers on a patio won't ever lose its appeal, I don't care who the premier is.

7. The Habs will still disappoint an entire city

  • Sad, but so, so true.

8. Montreal women will still be hotter than everywhere else in Canada

  • We got talent, yes we do. That goes for the boys too.

9. The city's roads will still be really shitty

  • As if politicians cared about potholes.

10. Bros and biddies will still get loud and sloppy on St. Laurent every weekend

  • To be fair, being loud and sloppy is one of the Bro-Biddy major food groups.

What else will never change in Montreal?

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