10 Montreal Things To Do For Under $10

Because peoples is broke these days.
10 Montreal Things To Do For Under $10

In this world nothing is free, but when it is or close to being so, it should be milked it for all it's worth. Facing hard economic times does not mean life ends. Whether you enjoy being a social butterfly or spending quality time with yourself, there's always something to do in our wonderful city. Here is a list of different options that are available to the everyone ranging from 0$ to 10$

1. Dollar Cinema (2.50$)

Located in the old decrepit mall Decarie Square, the selection of movies are usually films that are between big theatres and Blu-ray release, they also have Bollywood specials. Admission used to be only a dollar but has gone up to 2.50$ but all the candies are a dollar each.

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2. Drawing Workshop (10$)

The next workshop is coming up this friday, this event is somewhat monthly and those in attendance draw a live model; only 10$ at the door. Many local art lovers go to enjoy a relaxing, coached session. Syn Studio is located on Ste-Catherine right near Foufs so you can stop by and have a drink after a culturally fulfilling friday night activity.

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3. Sunday Night Improv (free)

Join the crew every sunday night from 5pm to 7pm for 2 hours of free interactive improv. The actors randomly select members of the audience to come on stage and take on the challenge of creating fun witty scenarios from classic improvisation methods. So come equipped with creativity, a good sense of humour, and no shame.

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4. MBAM Wednesday evenings (10$)

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts is always hosting multiple amazing exhibitions, for only 10$ on Wednesday after 5pm, it's worth taking a look. Right now the featured collections include: Archeology and World Cultures, Early to Modern International Art, and Photography and Graphic Arts.

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5. Grande Bibliothèque (free)

The great part about this library is not just the millions of books available but everything else offered, this library really is a good use of tax dollars. There are always shows, seminars, and classes taking place; Private movie viewing booths, just pick a movie chose a booth and watch. There are also electronic music facilities equipped with computers, softwares, keyboards and hook ups for acoustic instruments. Also to try, their bistro opened for lunch Le café des lettres.

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 6. Grab a bite: Café Le Cagibi

Located in the small streets of Montreal's Mile End area this cafe offers all kinds of hot beverages and delicious daily specials, most of the items on the menu being under 10$. They also have a fully stocked bar and large tables to play one of their many old-school board games on. The floor boards may creek but the atmosphere is really laid back and fun, their events are also really worth checking out.

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Photo cred - McKibbin's Irish Pub

7. Ladies Night - 3$ drinks

Irish Pub Mckibbin's in the West Island on St-Jean's, serves ladies 3$ drinks (vodka, rum, gin) on wednesday nights after 10pm. There's always a DJ and a big crowd. For guys Moosehead bottles are 4$. If you're a west islander you've definitely been and know it's a good way to save a pretty penny on a night out.

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Photo cred - @naadayoga

8. Nadaa Yoga Class (on donation)

This progressive yoga studio offer all kinds of services and classes, including a 1 hour "community yoga session" every sunday at 12:30pm. This class is given on donation of your choice, which is a great thing.

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Photo cred - Table for Two

9. Slice of pizza for a dollar, Yessss!

Al-Amine on Lacombe and Côte-des-Neiges, is just a corner pizza place, but a dollar a slice is definitely not something you can find everywhere. They also have all the other classic food you'd find in one of these restaurants for good prices. A dollar a slice!!!!!

10. QPIRG Concordia Seminars & Workshops (free)

These seminars are almost like a free education. This group offers "Concordia Wrokshops" and "Working Group Workshops" like: Anarchism without Anarchists, Basic electronic repair, know your rights and so on. Some of these classes are lecture/discussion classes, and others are more of a hands-on technical learning environment.

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