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10 Montreal Things To Do For Your Birthday This November 2015

Older, wiser, and a lot more fun.
10 Montreal Things To Do For Your Birthday This November 2015

If you clicked on this article, chances are that it's your birthday this month. Or someone you know has a birthday this month. Or, you know, you're bored and curious. If you fall under the latter two options, then you can go ahead and ignore the next sentence. If not, then happy birthday month, friend! My gift to you? A concise list of things to do on this, the month of your birth. So strap on your party hat and read on for 10 Montreal Things To Do For Your Birthday This November 2015.

1. Get yourself to Starbucks for a free drink.

As long as you're part of the MSR program, you get a free drink on or around your birthday. The best part? It's November. So you can get an Eggnog Latte in a red holiday cup. All for free.

2. Do your birthday up right by going for a fancy lunch.

On your birthday, #TreatYourself to lunch at one of Montreal's many, many awesome restaurants. The best part? Many top notch Montreal restaurants offer reduced lunch menu prices. Bouillion Bilk, anyone?

3. Or go celebrity sighting while you eat your birthday dinner.

Celebs love Montreal, and if you love celebs, then you're in luck. Treat yourself to more than just an extra slice of cake by hosting your birthday dinner at one of these places. And hey, who knows, if you're super lucky maybe you'll get to blow out those birthday candles with Mike Meyers. (We can dream.)

4. Check out Robin Schulz at New City Gas.

Because everyone loves Robin Schulz. (Yes. Everyone.) And what better way to celebrate your birthday than partying with an internationally beloved DJ at one of Montreal's most awesome clubs? Check out more information here.

5. Get your birthday bookworm on at Montreal's "Book Festival."

Taking place from November 18-23, Montreal's own "Book Fest" is the perfect way to pamper the birthday bookworm in your life. Check out more information here.

6. Go ice skating for the first time this year.

The skating rink at the Old Port is opening up again this month. Does this mean you share your birthday with a skating rink? Possibly. November babies unite.

7. Grow a birthday moustache.

Because Movember is upon us, and it raises awareness for an important cause. Also because moustaches are hot AF, and everyone wants to look hot on their birthday month.

8. Get yourself some free birthday sushi.

Got an ID? Good. Got an appetite for sushi? Great! Yakata Sushi (8049 Rue Saint-Denis) offers free meals to birthday peeps, as long as they make sure to respect certain conditions. Oh, and present this coupon.

9. Try not to lose feeling in your face, and go check out The Weeknd.

What could be better than jamming to The Weeknd? Jamming to The Weeknd on your birthday. Or your birthday month. Whatever, close enough. More information here.

10. Break into your new age group by picking an appropriate place to party.

Confused? Don't be. Check out this handy guide on where to go out based on your age. But TBH, I'm sure you can rock any place you go to, you birthday champ, you.

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