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9 Montreal Things To Do When It Is Raining Outside

Places where the rain will not be a pain.
9 Montreal Things To Do When It Is Raining Outside

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When the rain is pouring down outside, the first thing in your mind is that there is nothing fun to do all day, right? Wrong! We will show you how Montreal can still be a lot of fun, even during rainy days.Check out below for our 10 Montreal Things To Do Indoors When It Is Raining Cats & Dogs Outside.

1. Grévin, The Wax Museum

Want to spend some time with your favourite celebrities? Montreal's Grévin Wax Museum is the perfect spot to do so. I bet you will take at least a hundred pictures. Visit their website to learn more about hours and rates.

2. Peur Dépôt

In the mood for something fun and scary? The Peur Dépôt is the right place for you, then. Line-up for screams, laughter and an unforgettable moment with your friends and family. Check our article about Peur Dépôt to learn more about what you're about to experience. And don't forget, there are cameras to capture the most terrifying moments.

3. Laser Quest

With friends or family, Laser Quest is always a very attractive activity. You better be ready to use your best skills and have lots of fun. Visit the website to learn more about their hours and rates.

4. Bowling

Wouldn't you like to gather your friends and go bowling? Not even the rain can stop you from having this much fun! Visit the website for more information.

5. Biodôme & Planetarium

Informative and fun, this combo activity will make you enjoy your day and not even notice the rain. Check the activities, rates and hours at their website.

6. Museums Art Museums

Art and History lovers can never be bored. Montreal has a vast list of Museums and tons of different exhibitions. To see which one appeals to you the most, check the Board of Montreal Museum Directors and have fun.

7. Going To The Movies

Moviegoers love rainy days. One of the best things to do in a bad weather is get cozy in a movie theatre and enjoy a good show. Choose a Movie Theatre close to you and have fun.

8. Ordering Comfort Food And Staying In

One of our favourite rainy days activity is nothing more than ordering good food and staying in. This is probably in the top 10 world wide favourite activity ever. Besides, Netflix gets a lot better when we're eating something delicious in front of the tv. To help you choose, here's a list of our 10 best delivery restos in Montreal.

9. SPA Day

Rainy days were made to be relaxing. Why not increase the relaxation going to a nice SPA? Montreal's best are The SPA Scandinave and Bota Bota. Both have incredibly good installations and therapists. You will certainly have the best massage of your life. Enjoy your personal time and have fun.

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