10 Montreal Things You Need To Do Again Before You're Too Old

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Everything is fair game when we're young, when it's all about pushing boundaries and breaking the rules. Seemingly limitless energy, a constant desire to have fun, and the freedom to make a few bad decisions along the way are the mainstays of our youth. But as one gets older, priorities change, time sadly becomes money, and before we know it, all the things that used to give us a kick just don't fit in to our busy "adult" schedules anymore. As inevitable as this is, there are certain things we enjoyed in the past that made for some pretty awesome times.

At some point, we won't be able to do (or want to do for that matter) many of these simple pleasure anymore, so we should make sure to experience them at least one more time before it's too late. Think of it like a reverse bucket list. Forget the consequences for minute and let us enjoy some of that old-school fun again while we still can.

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Hook Up With A Stranger At Osheaga

Everyone knows that Montreal is full of beautiful people and, every summer, Osheaga brings them out in hordes to mingle and jingle to the sounds of some of the world's best bands. It's hot, it's humid, and the crowd is feeling the love, which means there's no better time to get "friendly" with an attractive stranger. Young love is the best love, so get it in (pun!) while you can.

Dress Up For Halloween At Laronde

Trick or treating is really for the kids, but dressing up should have no age restrictions, especially when it comes to riding roller coasters at the same time. Not only do you get to wear a cool costume, you get to shove your face with as much candy and junk food as you want, shame-free, without your parents telling you off.

LARP Out Like It's Nobody's Business

You may think that LARPing (live-action role playing) is a bit on the childish side, but there's seriously no better way to act out all that stress and rage you feel towards your teachers and/or bosses than by whacking at strangers in a field with giant foam weapons and shields. If nothing else, you get plenty of fresh air and it's awesome cardio!

Get All Psychedelic And Dance Your Face Off At Igloofest

Not too many other places embrace the cold quite as much as Montreal does, and that's made apparent at the annual Igloofest celebration held outside every winter. But raving in -30 degree temperatures is not everyone's cup of tea, especially not once you reach a certain age. Before you're your sensibilities become too steadfast, let loose your mind and body to the harmonic resonance of that bass in your face.

Get white-girl wasted at the Saint Patrick's Day Parade

While anytime is a good time to drink in the streets of Montreal, the best time has got to be the St-Paddy's Day parade held every year on St-Catherine's Street. Apart from donning as much green kit as possible, it's fairly customary to honour Saint Patrick by consuming numerous alcoholic beverages to the point where even the French are Irish for the day. Getting daytime drunk is pretty much the best, but this eventually becomes frowned upon in your later years.

Fun Factoid: Montreal hosts one of the longest-running and largest Saint Patrick's Day parades in North America, held annually and without interruption since 1824.

Wander The Empty Streets of Sainte Catherine Street After An All-Nighter In The Village

Partying all night is easy when you're young and carefree, but staying awake until dawn once you have things like a day job, or early classes you actually go to, becomes a challenge as you get older. That said, getting out of Circus at the crack of dawn and walking down an empty Sainte Catherine Street is weirdly satisfying and should be done ideally before you become one of the the ones judging this type of behaviour.

Chill Hard At Tams All Morning And Then Get Turnt Up At Piknic

Where most cities tend to pack it all up on Sundays, Montreal keeps the party going until the very last drop. Every Montrealer knows the place to be on Sunday is either the Tams or Piknic Electronique, but hitting up both in the same day is easier said than done as you age. Take advantage of the energy you got left before it's too late.

Protest And/Or Demonstrate In The Nude

This city is many things if not a city of activism. Montrealers are always keen to take to the streets to increase awareness for a good cause or denounce things like tuition hikes. They're even keener to do it sans clothing. Naked bodies in public is bound to draw attention, which is technically the point, but you can't be a student forever, and gravity is unfortunately not your friend later on in life.

Do It Up At Blizzarts On A Random Weeknight

On any given night of the week, you can find a party going off at Blizzarts until the early hours of the morning. There's just something so right about being mid-week drunk, even though it usually comes with the most brutal hangovers at work the next day. That said, as you advance your career, hangovers become less and less acceptable, so enjoy those impromptu weeknight outings while you can.

Go Daytime/Nighttime Sledding On Mount Royal

For many adults, winter is more of an annoyance than anything else, a season that just gets in the way of one's daily chores and activities. But the inner child in all of us knows that snow turns the city into one big wintry playground. As we live on a hill, we might as well make use of it, and by going at night, you won't have to hide how much fun you're having (or smoking) from any actual children there during the day.

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