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10 Montrealers With Celebrity Lookalikes

Wait 'til you see Denis Coderre.
10 Montrealers With Celebrity Lookalikes

Have you ever met someone and thought to yourself, "I've seen this person before". I know it's happened to you already. Well, chances are - you haven't actually seen that person before. They just happen to look like a celebrity, most probably. About a week ago, I asked my Facebook friends to send me their photos if they think they look like someone famous. The results are quite astonishing. Prepare to be mind blown, because these doppelgangers are legit.

1. Stephane Kessous - Mayor Coderre

Can you actually tell where mayor Coderre is? Took me a few seconds.

2. Oliver Kiss - Rodrigo Santoro

I didn't know who Rodrigo Santoro was until Oliver told me he looked like him. He's a famous actor apparently.

Photo cred - Sophia Pathmanathan & Faithfullyfree

3. Sophia Pathmanathan - Zoe Saldana

Yep, I can definitely see a resemblance here, Sophia.

4. Merinda Paul - Rihanna

OMFG! Rihanna is on the right, guys. I'm speechless right now.

5. Jessica Langevin - Megan Fox

Yeah, we have a Megan Fox lookalike in Quebec.

6. Claudio Amar - Vin Diesel

I know a lot of girls who will like this particular match.

7. Keegan Duponchel - Gaspard Ulliel

I think Keegan will get a bunch of friend requests after this post.

Photo cred - Yann Levy & Ohnotheydidnt

8. Yann Levy - Jason Biggs

I know Yann hates this comparison, but I couldn't help it - too good.

9. Carolyn Boisvert - Ruby Rose

We already spoke about Carolyn Boisvert and Ruby Rose's crazy resemblance here. Wtf, right? Crazyyyy.

10. Layla Welch - Kim Kardashian

Layla says she doesn't see a resemblance... Do you guys see it though?

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