10 Most Adorable Cafes In Montreal You Have To Go To At Least Twice In Your Life

You'll have a 'brew'tiful time!
10 Most Adorable Cafes In Montreal You Have To Go To At Least Twice In Your Life

Coffee is an important part of everyone's day. What makes it even better is having a cute cafe to enjoy your morning brew at.

Being a self-proclaimed coffee expert I've assembled a list of the cutest cafe's Montreal has to offer. If you don't believe me you'll just have to check them out for yourself. And don't be afraid to go back for seconds!

1. Tommy Cafe

In love with this cafe. ☕️? #Montreal #OldMontreal #TommyMontreal #cafe

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200 Rue Notre-Dame O

Located in Old Montreal, Tommy Café is a cozy place to go on a lazy Sunday afternoon and enjoy a delicious latte. Bring your books and some close friends and stay awhile at this hip café in one of Montreal’s most historic areas.


2. Cafe Aunja

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1448 Rue Sherbrooke O

Located just up the street from Concordia University, Café Aunja is the perfect little nook to hang out and get your caffeine fix between classes.

Decorated with twinkly lights and big red velvet chairs, it’s one of the most adorable cafes Montreal has to offer. A bonus is that it’s open until 10 pm, so feel free to pack up your books and study late into the evening hours.


3. Cafe Chat L'Heureux

Mousse... sur son sofa ! #cafechatlheureux #mousse #catsofa #greycat #tropchou #sleepycat

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172 Avenue Duluth E

I think this one almost speaks for itself. If you’re a cat lover and a caffeine lover, this is the place for you. Come to this café and sit, grab a latte, and hang out with some adorable cats for as long as your heart desires.


4. September Surf Cafe

Saturdays. ?: @le_treehouse

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2471 Rue Notre-Dame O

Newly opened, as of a few months ago, September is the classic Saint Henri café with a unique twist. The theme of the café is surfing and in the back of the café there’s a window where you can watch someone building surf boards live!


5. Cafe OSMO

Osmo in Acapulco ?

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51 Rue Sherbrooke O

Café OSMO is a unique space attached to Notman House, dedicated to start-up companies in Montreal. The café is designed as an open workspace for the Montreal public to come, grab a coffee, and allow the ideas to flow.

With cool blue, metal chairs and circular sky-lights this is the kind of café you want to spend a few hours in.


6. Kitsune

Espresso bar☕️ #kitsune #espressobar #espresso #coffee #vintage #mtl #montreal #downtown

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19 Rue Prince Arthur O

Located adjacent to the heart of Saint Laurent Boulevard, Kitsune is one of the hippest cafes in the Plateau. With delicious coffee and a cozy backyard patio for the summertime, it has everything you could ever need in a café.


7. Pikolo Cafe

Pikolo Espresso Bar -- Obligatory shot from upstairs #revolverenmontreal

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3418b Av du Parc

Each cup of coffee at Pikolo is brewed individually and to perfection. The baristas here are always friendly putting in the time and care each cup deservers. The space provides a snug spot to work and enjoy your coffee on any day of the week.


8. Cafe Parvis

Oasis urbaine #mtlcafecrawl

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433 Rue Mayor

Teeming with plants in the corners, on the tables, and hanging from the ceilings, Café Parvis has a natural vibe that’s comforting and cool. This café also serves brunch, lunch and early dinner! If you’re looking for a cute brunch spot and a café in one this is the perfect place for you.


9. La Distributrice

Montreal's tiniest coffee shop! #mtlcafelove #mtlcafecrawl

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408 Avenue du Mont-Royal E

Dubbed the smallest café in North America, La Distributrice is the size of a very small closet. You don’t even have to step foot into this café to get a delicious coffee.

You order from outside and the barista will pass you your coffee through their sliding window. It’s a cute and simple way to grab a coffee on the go and you can say you’ve been to the smallest café in North America!


10. Arts Cafe

Because this cafe is just so damn photogenic ☕️? #mtlcafecrawl #artscafe

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201 Avenue Fairmount O

More of a brunch location than a café, Arts Café provides coffee, brunch, and stylish décor. The café has hundreds of light bulbs hanging from the ceiling and vintage décor. It hosts many arts-related events throughout the year and is a hip place to hang out and spend some time with close friends.


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