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10 Most Healthy Restaurants You Can Eat At In Montreal

Okay, who here likes being healthy? Everyone, right? That's what I thought. A huge part of being healthy - as I'm sure we're all aware - is eating healthy. But sometimes, the idea of eating healthy strikes fear in the hearts of every person who enjoys food. For some reason, healthy food has a reputation for being terrible tasting and inaccessible. Well, friends, that's simply not true. Especially not in Montreal.

Montreal actually has tons of places that serve up some awesome food that's healthier than your average meal. Having trouble figuring out which ones to go for? Well, worry not, my friends. That's what I'm here for. Read on for Best Montreal Healthy Restaurants.

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1. Mandy's

2067 Rue Crescent

First of all, let me just start by acknowledging that not everyone enjoys eating salads. I mean, it's cool, not everyone likes everything; but even those of us who aren't friends with salad (please someone get this reference) will still fall in love with Mandy's. Besides being made with super fresh, vibrant ingredients, the salads at Mandy's are incredibly delicious, with innovative options such as their "Miso Hungry", featuring rice noodles, avocado, and apple, and their "Wild Sage", with tempura onions, figs, and goat cheese. Lovers of food? Rejoice.


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2. Le Cagibi

5490 Boul St-Laurent

What do you get when you combine a vegetarian menu, fair prices, and an awesome, live music friendly atmosphere? Well, friends, you get Le Cagibi. And you also get your new fave. Le Cagibi has a fun and vibrant atmosphere that can't be beat, and they also happen to serve up some seriously fresh, delicious, healthy food. A selection of the mouthwatering options on their menu? Their Croque-Chevre, which features goat cheese, honey, and sun dried tomato pesto, and their Granola Maison dish, with yummy granola, milk, and bananas.


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3. Venice

440 Rue Saint-François-Xavier

Okay, one word: Poke. What's poke, you ask? It's a Hawaiian raw fish and rice dish that's kind of like sushi, except better (sorry, sushi, you're still #1 in my life) - and it's available in Montreal, at this Old Montreal healthy restaurant. Other than their stellar poke, though, this relatively new restaurant is known for serving up some seriously fresh, seriously awesome, seriously healthy dishes and smoothies - like their mind-blowing avocado toast, which is served with a poached egg and pure, concentrated happiness.


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4. Aux Vivres

4631 Boul St-Laurent

At this stage in the game, I'm sure we're all aware of Aux Vivres. Its popularity is very well-earned, though: If you want to eat healthy but don't want to sacrifice eating well, then Aux Vivres is your place. Featuring vegan "cheesecakes", "chilli", and "hamburgers" - to name a few of the delicious items off their completely vegan menu - Aux Vivres is pretty much a paradise for those of us down to eat healthy and eat well at the same time.


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5. Sushi Momo

4669 Saint Denis Street

I'm sure that, at this point, you all know how much I love this spot. For those of us who are unaware about my obsession with Sushi Momo, let me explain. This Plateau spot serves up some super fresh and tasty sushi... all of which happens to be 100% vegan. Their rolls feature innovative ingredients, like jackfruit and faux shrimp, combined to create some of the most tasty and healthy sushi you'll ever have the chance to experience. Get here ASAP, friends, and thank me later.


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6. Omnivore

4351 Boul St-Laurent

Lovers of food, rejoice. This Plateau eatery serves up some seriously delicions Middle-Eastern grub - and no matter if you're a meat lover or a veggie fan, they've got something delicious for you. Their "Omnivore" dish, for example, includes chicken or beef that's been grilled to perfection, lentil rice, hummus... the (healthy) works, basically. Trust me on this one, friends - you're going to need to get yourself there, as soon as you possibly can.


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7. Santropol

3990 Rue Saint-Urbain

Oh, Santropol. I could honestly write a novel about how much I love this place, but I'll spare you guys the boring details. I like you too much. Instead, I'll just straight up say that they've got some of the tastiest healthy food in the city. Their famous sandwiches are always served on fresh, tasty brown bread, and filled to the brim with delicious ingredients. Santropol's menu also features vegan and vegetarian options - their "Lox" sandwich is particularly amazing, boasting carrot "lox", cashew spread, dill, red onions, and capers. Oh, and their sandwiches are served up with a crisp, fresh salad, too, just for an extra, healthy kick.


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8. Cafe Bloom

1940 Rue Centre

If the heart eyes emoji were a real person, it would be someone tasting the food at Cafe Bloom for the first time. Seriously, the food here that good. Their deliciously healthy menu includes avocado mousse (!!!) on rye toast, homemade granola, yogurt, and fruit, and a "Bloom Bowl", with salmon gravlax and dill yogurt. If you're looking for a new healthy fave, look no further. You've found it, friends. And it's beautiful.


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9. Sumac

3618 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest

Lover of Middle-Eastern cuisine? Then you're going to adore Sumac. Their menu boasts some seriously fresh and delicious dishes; and while their salads are arguably the healthiest of all (with their quinoa, kale, almond, and blueberry salad being my all-time favourite), their regular dishes are also heavy on the health. Their chicken shawarma plate, with moist, juicy pieces of chicken, and creamy, tasty hummus pretty much gives me life, friends.


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10. Olive Et Gourmando

351 Rue Saint Paul O

Straight up, if you want an explosion of flavours in your mouth, you've got to try the food at Olive & Gourmando. There's a reason this Montreal spot is loved by all, friends: Their food is out of this world. Although it's not necessarily a "healthy" restaurant, Olive & Gourmando's menu is packed with healthy options, like their mouthwatering #24 Salad, featuring roasted tofu and soba noodles, their homemade ricotta dish, and their vegan cold sandwich, with a chickpea and harissa patty and raw beets. Fans of food? Yeah. You know where to go.


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