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10 (Mostly) Free Montreal Comedy Nights & Performances

Laugh for less.
10 (Mostly) Free Montreal Comedy Nights & Performances

With all of the DJs killing it seven nights a week in Montreal’s clubs, it can be easy to forget about Montreal’s comedy scene. But if you look around a bit, you can see the hilarious performers who keep it thriving without paying too much.

JFL just dropped their headliners, but some local talent will satiate your comedy needs 'til the festival starts.

Check out our list of venues with cheap or free comedy shows and save your money for beer.

The Blue Dog Motel

3958 Boulevard St-Laurent

Comedy Night: Mondays

It’s one of the most popular dance clubs on St. Laurent most nights of the week, but on Monday nights it turns into one of the city’s only pure comedy open mics. It’s free regardless of whether you perform or just watch.


McLean’s Pub

1210 Rue Peel

Comedy Night: Sundays

This bar is mostly known for their 10 litre beer towers, but they also host the popular Macsimum Comedy Open Mic Night upstairs in the Mac Lounge on Sundays. It’s free both for performers and attendees.


Grumpy’s Bar

1242 Bishop Street

Comedy Night: Tuesdays

Come out to Grumpy’s on Tuesday nights for Drop the Gloves, the bar’s open mic night. Drop the Gloves showcases all sorts of talents, so you won’t just see comedians, but you’re sure to see something entertaining. There’s no cover charge regardless of whether or not you perform.



Comedy Night: Wednesdays

2055 Rue Bishop

Wednesday nights at Burritoville are the restaurant/bar’s Shut Up!…& Laugh comedy open mic nights. Come listen or perform for free.



552 Rue St-Catherine Est

Comedy Night: Tuesdays

There are many great reasons to check out L’Escalier, including the delicious vegetarian food and solid beer selection, but Tuesdays you can come to check out their awesome open mic. It’s not just limited to comedians, and you’ll see performers of all sorts at the show. It’s free for performers and audience members.


Montreal Improv

3697 Boulevard St-Laurent

Comedy Night: Varies

Check out Montreal Improv to see some of the best improv comedy in the city. Prices vary depending on the night, but you’ll almost never pay more than $8 for a set. Many nights, there’ll be at least one free show.


Comedy Nest

2313 Rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest

Comedy night: Tuesdays and Wednesdays

This spot is one of the better known comedy venues in Montreal, and they host two different open mic nights every week. On Tuesdays, come on out for Newbie Tuesday, and watch rookies give standup a stab. Wednesday nights are reserved for their Pro-Am Open Mic, where vets and amateurs alike are welcome to perform. Either way, it’s $5 if you come to watch, and free if you’re brave enough to get on stage.



1238 Rue Bishop

Comedy Night: Mondays

You can see some of the best comedians in the world here, but come on out on Mondays to see their open mic. You’ll catch amateurs making their first try at standup, as well as seasoned pros testing out new material. It’s $5 plus a one drink minimum if you just come to be in the audience, and free if you perform.


M Bar

1243 Rue St-Andre

Comedy Abroad: Thursdays

Sunday nights at M Bar belong to Comedy Hostel, a collection of some of the best pro and semi-pro comics in Montreal. Shows start at 8:15 and admission is pay-what-you-can, but the group suggests a donation of $8-10. With all of the great comedy you’ll get and a $10pitchers Happy Hour, any price in that range is a steal.


Brasserie des Patriotes

3363 Rue Ontario Est

Comedy Night: Fridays

Francophone fans of comedy need not despair, because Fridays at Brasserie des Patriotes are for you. Their Les Vendredis Homa Fait Rire night showcases the best French-speaking comedians in town testing out new material. It’s just $5 to get in.


What's your favorite place to see comedy in Montreal?

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