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10 Movies And TV Shows Coming To Netflix Canada August 2018

A special sneak peak!
10 Movies And TV Shows Coming To Netflix Canada August 2018

Every month Netflix releases a list of all the new movies and TV shows that will be added to their library. But this month, the list is supposed to be arrive a little later than usual.  

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And since we just can't wait another week, we decided to give you a little preview of some of the new releases coming in August 2018 on Netflix Canada  

1. Like Father 

  • Coming: August 3
  • Starring: Kristen Bell - Kelsey Grammer

A workaholic ends up on a cruise with her estranged and equally workaholic father.

2. Insatiable - Season: 1

  • Coming: August 10
  • Starring: Debby Ryan - Dallas Roberts - Alyssa Milano

A dark, twisted revenge comedy.

3. La Casa de las Flores - Season: 1 

  • Coming: August 10

Dark comedy revolving around a family-run flower business full of dysfunctional secrets.

4. The Package

  • Coming: August 10

An accident happens when five teens go on a camping trip.

5. All About the Washingtons 

  • Coming: August 10
  • Starring: Rev Run - Justine Simmons

A hip-hop legend retires and his wife decides to pursue a career of her own.

6. To All The Boys I've Loved Before

  • Coming: August 17
  • Starring: Lana Condor - Noah Centineo

A girl accidentally mails out love letters to 5 boys she loved.

7. Disenchantment - Season: 1 

  • Coming: August 17
  • Starring: Abbi Jacobson - Eric Andre - Nat Faxon - John DiMaggio - Billy West

A new animated series from the creator of the Simpsons.

8. Ghoul - Season: 1

  • Coming: August 24

A prisoner being interrogated suddenly turn the tables on his captors.

9.  The Innocents - Season 1 

  • Coming: August 24

Runaway teenagers make an extraordinary discovery.

10. Ozark - Season: 2

  • Coming: August 31
  • Starring: Jason Bateman

The beloved show returns for a second season!

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