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10 New Montreal Restaurants To Try ASAP

Sophistication at its best.
10 New Montreal Restaurants To Try ASAP

Montreal has the largest concentration of restaurants per capita in Canada. It should come as no surprise then, that our city welcomed a bunch of new serious players in the business recently. If you’re a foodie or even just an amateur food enthusiast, you will be thankful for this list.

Gastronomic variety is something our city is quite familiar with. Having said that, without further ado, I’d like to present to you ten new Montreal restaurants that you must try ASAP(listed in no particular order).

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1638 Notre Dame WestFrom the owners of the legendary Olive et Gourmando comes a new rustic open fire cuisine concept restaurant, Foxy. The menu is entirely fire based - simple, yet flavourful. It’s an instant coup de coeur. Website

COD, white miso, edamame two ways, horseradish. #delicious #food #foodie #foodporn #cod #mtl #ouichef #vieuxmontreal #626 #jellyfish #oldport #jellyfishmontreal A photo posted by 626 Marguerite D'Youville (@jellyfishmontreal) on

Jellyfish Crudo + Charbon

626 Rue Marguerite d'Youville

As the name suggests, Jellyfish Crudo + Charbon is full of contrast between raw and charcoal grill aromas. Conveniently located in Montreal’s Old Port, it has all the assets to become our city’s next hot spot.


#restaurant_nozy @breakbeat with @repostapp. new to #sthenri, @restaurant_nozy. loved it. #salmon #chirashi #butadon #bento #teishoku #japanese #foodporn #montreal #gastropost #eater

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3568 Notre-Dame WestNozy is a new Japanese restaurant located in the Saint-Henri area. Affordable, mouthwatering and exotic are the three words that come to mind when I think of Nozy. It’s a definite must-try. Website

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Le Fantôme

1832 Rue William

Compact menu, quality ingredients and exciting taste. Why Fantôme? Mary Gallagher, a mysterious historic figure, is said to haunt the neighbourhood since 1879.


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Restaurant Candide

551 Rue St-MartinRegional, seasonal menu rich with proteins and plants. With a colourful and clean presentation, Candide will make both your eyes and your taste buds satisfied. Website

Les scotch eggs, c'est quoi ? Un tapas avec des œufs, du chorizo et une sauce cerise & chipotle! A photo posted by Sorocco - Bar à tapas (@tapassorocco) on


4621 rue Saint-Denis

A cozy and hip tapas bar located in the Plateau neighbourhood. Delicious food, charming atmosphere and great service.



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5001 Rue Notre-Dame OA relatively new addition to the restaurants of Saint-Henri area, bar Loïc is already a favourite of many. It's a perfect spot to hang out late with your friends, eat, drink and have an amazing time. Website

?Pizza champignon! Mushroom pizza!? Réservation:514-842-9381 A photo posted by Bar Watts (@wattsmtl) on


351 Roy East

Watts positions itself as a wine bar and a social club. With sophisticated pizza options and a simple, yet welcoming decor, Watts is a great spot to socialize, watch a game and have a drink at.


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Montréal Plaza

6230 rue Saint-HubertLocated in an unusual location (at Plaza St-Hubert), the restaurant carries a welcoming and cozy vibe. Beautiful decor, delicious food and a “family restaurant” atmosphere. It’s impossible not to fall in love with Montréal Plaza. Website

Un petit tartare pâté-chinois pour souper? ? DJ Badrabbit aux commandes dès 21 h! Réservation 514 303-2014 #LeLapinBlanc #DJBadRabbit #DJVilainLapin ?Crédit photo @thefoodiemtl A photo posted by LapinBlanc (@lapinblancmtl) on

Lapin Blanc

4456 Sainte-Catherine E

This new Hochelaga-Maisonneuve restaurant wants to invite you to a fascinating culinary show. Just like a magician surprises his audience by making a white rabbit appear out of an empty hat, Lapin Blanc presents a menu full of items that defy gravity, break rules and keep you guessing.


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