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10 Of Montreal's Most Notable Fashion Designers

A list of Montreal's top ten fashion icons.
10 Of Montreal's Most Notable Fashion Designers

Fashion can define you or leave you clueless. In a metropolitan such as ours we can be thrilled to say we have some amazing designers who are making a name for themselves. Here is a list of Ten Designers you may or may not know that are changing the way people dress and feel about themselves right here in Montreal.

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Melissa Nepton

Winner of the Target Emerging Award, Melissa is a designer from Saguenay Lac Saint Jean and has become one of Montreals most notable designers. A graduate of the renowned fashion program at Marie-Victorin and Montreal’s L’École supérieure de mode, after graduating she moved to Paris where she attended L’École Nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs de Paris.

If you are looking for everyday wear, Nepton focuses her attention on creating items that are simple and neutral, yet stylish, professional and sexy.

Martin Lim

The meeting of two Fashion designers; Danielle Martin and Pao Lim, has led to one powerful name. With distinction and notability these two have made a name for themselves in the fashion industry. Both have valuable experience working for internationally renowned designers and have presented their collections at a number of renowned fashion events, including: Miami Fashion Week, New York Fashion week and (yours truly) Montreal. They have even won the prestigious Prize " Design Vision Award for Eveningwear " at the Gen Art Styles 2004 in New york.


V-Franz is a label that goes a long way back far for VFranz Benil, starting the label back when he was in his second year at College Lasalle. Since then, local bloggers and journalists began appearing at Toronto, New York, and Montreal Fashion Week wearing his pieces. He was featured as one of Canada’s top up and coming designers in the 2012 spring issue of Dress to Kill magazine.

Travis Taddeo

Another great College Lasalle student, Travis Taddeo has gained a following among fashion risk-takers by pushing and overcoming the conventional expectations established for Canadian fashion design. Known for his combination of minimal lines and distinctive blends of silk, jersey, leather and fur, Taddeo offers simplicity with an edge by creating a bold marriage between luxury and street-wear.


Vintage is back! Founded in 2011 by Valérie Boivin & Noëmie Lachapelle, OldWIG is a Vintage Sale & Special Event. Bain Mathieu holds most of their bi-annual gatherings of antique treasures, cocktails, music, art, and shopping. Each edition brings together 30 boutiques and collectors unveiling their treasures to 2000 visitors. OldWIG also participated in other special events throughout the year, such as the Fashion & Design Festival and the Ottawa Vintage Clothing Show. Vintage is in, and OldWIG is there for you.

Luca Galardo

Born and Raised in Montreal, Luca is yet another student from College Lasalle. One student that knows just how to Stand out! His newest collection Diodati’s Style is best described as androgynous minimalism. Diodati is designed for the person uninhibited by societal ideals.

"I'd say my aim is to give people the ability to express themselves through the clothes they wear. I want people that wear my clothes to feel the connection between what they wear and how they're feeling. Using shapes textures and layers as the mediums for expressing they're mood."

Luca Galardo is a name to watch out for.

BODYBAG by jude

Drawing on the urban vibe and energy of underground culture, for the last 15 years, Judith Desjardins has been making a name for herself through original creations that embody the perfect balance of chic and edgy.

As a young child she dreamed of having runway shows with the worlds top designers and since 1998 her Collections have been making their way. Some say that her collections began to show popularity when Nicole Kidman walked onto David Letterman's set wearing BODYBAG zip denim dress.


"The women's wardrobe was missing good quality tailoring, structured minimalist and modern cuts." Say Designer Stephanie P Grenier. "Inspiration is a muscle you need to touch, feel, listen, and see to let yourself be surprised and let it go."

Grenier is a fond believer that you must experience weird things that move you away from your comfort zone. Her collection is for the business women and men who have long 18 hour a day schedules. Wear Impair from the office, to the road, to the cocktail bar and the crazy after-parties. Gernier says “My clothes get a conservative aspect with details that will stand out."

Impair collaborates with controversial photographer Monsiieur Monsiieur for fw13/14 and the model Marlene Vernetti, and triptyque for SS14 with Étienne st-Denis photographer and Emily S. For the new Impair Jewlery Collection she has been working with Sasha Cherowski. Check her Facebook here

Brit Wacher

Brit Wacher talks about her new collection called 'Intolerable Space Between' which focuses on opposing forces and abstract concepts that she sees in every day life.

These beautiful pieces are her concept of duality and the passage of energy through time and space. She aims to return energy back into the universe in a positive way by offering individuality, strength, and confidence as a token for each person to wear.

Born and raised on a farm in Western Canada, Wacher gained experience in the fashion industry by working for Asian art/fashion publications and as the assistant to Fashion Designer, Pauline Van Dongen.

Pedram Karimi

Pedram was a student at our very own International College Lasalle and has since won second place in Telio's Breakthrough Designers Competition in Montreal Fashion Week 2011.

“I believe the clothes I make can be worn by anyone with a modern mind. Anyone , any race, and and of age can wear a piece of the collection.” He continues by reinforcing this statement, “The inspiration behind my collection is equality. We all come from the same place and will end up at the same place. Can you imagine if we could live respectfully next to one another regardless of gender, age, race, and any other topic that divides us.”

Got any Montreal fashion designers I didn't mention? Let us know in the comments below.

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