Best Montreal Secret Food Spots

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Best Montreal Secret Food Spots

Do you get excited when you discover an amazing Montreal spot not a lot of people know about? I know I do. Well, here's my personal list of our city's hidden gems that will blow your mind. It almost hurts to share this with you, because it will take away the "cool" factor from these places, but... YOLO. Montrealers deserve to know all the best things that are happening in our awesome city. Without further ado, I present to you 10 Montreal secret food spots that you may not have known existed.

1. Tunnel Espresso Bar

1253 Avenue McGill College

Located underground in between Bonaventure and McGill metro stations, this dope spot offers coffee & espresso drinks (duh!) as well as fresh muffins, cookies and other pastries.


2. Dépanneur Le Pick-Up

7032 Rue Waverly

From the outside, Dépanneur Le Pick Up looks like a regular convenient store... but! You can get delicious gourmet sandwiches and breakfasts at this funky spot. Expect a really unique atmosphere and delicious food.


3. Pastamore

11630 Boulevard de Salaberry

Located inside Marché de l'Ouest, Pastamore is a true hidden gem. It's a must-visit for all pasta-lovers. All their pasta is made in-house and by hand every single day.


Photo cred - Tastet

4. L'Express St. Zotique

555 Rue Saint Zotique E

This small grocery store has been recently renovated and it now looks really cool and grungy. It made it on the list because you can buy a salmontartare sandwich here! Have you ever had a salmon tartare sandwich? Exactly.


5. QDC burger

1181 Rue de la Montagne

You might know the legendary Montreal steak house called Queue de Cheval... well, they have the coolest burger joint located in the back of the restaurant facing the parking lot. The tastiest burgers of life await you!


6. La Distributrice

408 Avenue du Mont-Royal E

It's a tiny hole in the wall that serves delicious and refreshing coffee beverages. They are named the "smallest coffee shop in North America." It's a quick and cool fix for your early mornings on the run.


7. Freak Lunchbox

3680 Boul St-Laurent

The best variety and most fascinating choices of candy you can find in Montreal, hands down. If you have a major sweet tooth like myself, you'll definitely appreciate this find.


8. Saint Sushi Bar

424 Avenue Duluth E

A cozy Japanese spot serving innovative and out-of-this-world delicious sushi! People who've tried it swear that it's the best sushi in Montreal.


Photo cred - Themainmtl

9. Trou De Beigne

See website for info

Trou De Beigne makes sure each doughnut is a work of art. Maple bacon, green matcha tea, s'more doughnuts... They're seriously taking this game to the next level. The cool part? It works by orders only.


10. Sophie Sucrée

167 Ave des Pins E

It's a vegan pastry shop that offers custom cake design and other yummy treats such as brownies, scones and cupcakes.


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