10 Of The Most "Instagrammable" Coffee Shops In Montreal

You'll have the most aesthetic feed out of all your followers!
10 Of The Most "Instagrammable" Coffee Shops In Montreal

The entire culture of coffee shops and the fantastic caffeinated beverage itself is a ritual for many not only in Montreal, but most cities around the world. Whether it's to grab a quick cortado before getting on the métro, spending hours studying for finals while simultaneously ordering non-stop americanos, or meeting some friends at a café to catch up over some iced coffee and bakery treats, coffee shops tend to appeal to everyone.

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It's only the most unique, incredibly decorated and over-the-top coffee shops that make the "Instagram cut" though. These spots not only add to the perfected aesthetic of your feed but also document another cool experience for your followers to envy. Luckily, theres a pretty good selection of amazing coffee shops scattered across Montreal just waiting for some Insta recognition. 

1. Tommy 

Where:200 Notre-Dame St W

Not only a space to find many Montrealers working hard on laptops with coffee in hand, Tommy is the place to go for amazing architecture and a museum-in-NYC type of vibe. The two-floor café in Old Montreal has tall ceilings covered in green vines as well as incredibly intricate designs on all the walls. Their wide selection of caffeinated drinks and their new brunch are just more incentive to visit.


2. Bar Darling

Where: 4328 St Laurent Blvd

If you're looking to grab coffee at a place with the most amazing light fixtures, odd objects, and warm tones that offer a cozy feel, this is the place for you. Bar Darling is going to be your favourite place to spend hours on end sipping coffee and ordering their popular cheese boards. The creepy dolls that line the walls make the experience that much more unique.


3. Les Impertinentes

Where: 5380 St Laurent Blvd

Via Les Impertinentes

Giving you some more rustic homestead feels, this coffee shop is the ultimate place to go when you just want to disappear into a novel or get some serious work done on your laptop. With a large selection of brunch foods and super unique drinks that'll brighten up your whole day, you can't go wrong here.


4. Crew Collective & Café

Where: 360 St Jacques St

Crew Collective & Café preserves the historic main hall of the Royal Bank Tower, offering European architecture that you'll never get enough of. The café is open to the public, but offers an interesting twist on what a "café" is defined as. Super fast wifi speeds and silent pods allow Montrealers to work away in privacy and in utter silence while still enjoying your favourite cup of joe.


5. Café Parvis

Where: 433 Mayor St

Offering up authentic nature and outdoor vibes to get your morning started, this small café is perfect for an intimate time, admiring all of the unique plants lining the walls and the most amazing smelling coffee ever! Seriously, try a latte and you'll fall in love.


6. Café Santropol

Where: 3990 St Urbain St

@aricaronembedded via

More of a terrasse than a coffee shop, the self-titled "original" café of Montreal has neverending colours and wall designs that'll have you hypnotized. Their outdoor garden is also the perfect place to enjoy an iced coffee with friends and take in the summer vibes.


7. Toi, Moi & Café

Where: 2965 Notre-Dame St W

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With probably the largest selection of coffee ever, this café has an entire wall dedicated to more beans than you could ever dream of. Truly a coffee lover's paradise, the café features a warm atmosphere fit with rustic furniture and a huge selection of desserts to go with your coffee.


8. Anticafé Montreal

Where: 406 Notre-Dame St E

For those of us that love odd spots coupled with free stuff, this is the place to be. Decorated with interesting trinkets and mis-matched furniture that compliments the space, Anticafé Montreal offers free wifi, cookies, and you guessed it... FREE COFFEE! It's the perfect location for students to hangout or hit the books.


9. La Crossanterie Figaro

Where: 5200 Hutchison St

With the entire café looking like a decades old coffee shop in Europe, you can't go wrong here. Tables, chairs and light fixtures complement the antique look while still keeping the place upbeat. They're open until 1:00AM, which makes this the perfect spot to satisfy that midnight coffee craving.


10. Caffé Farina

Where: 3422 Notre-Dame St W

@sofia.silvestroembedded via

Offering an industrial-but-sheek style, this coffee shop explores both minimalism and amazing espresso. You defintely feel the Italian notes in this café, from the "Ciao bella" neon sign hanging proudly on the wall, to menu comprised entirely of Italian bakery specialties.


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