10 Of The Most Unusual Montreal Restaurants

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10 Of The Most Unusual Montreal Restaurants

If you have been going through the same old dinner and drinks experience over and over again, it's time to spice things up a little. Next time you get together with your group of friends or with your significant other, why not try something different? You'll end up enjoying more than just the food, that's for sure! Instead of deciding whether you're in the mood for tartare or pizza, you now need to decide whether you're afraid of the dark or are willing to give up chairs and sit on the floor. Dining out can be a totally exotic experience. So here are Montreal's 10 most unique restaurants.

1. O'Noir

124 Rue Prince Arthur E

Experience fine dining in complete darkness. Once one of your senses is taken away, others become more acute. It's definitely an experience like no others.


2. La Menara

256 Rue Saint Paul E

Traditional Moroccan dishes and an atmosphere of a rich Arabian tent. This restaurant's beautiful decor will make you forget that you're in Montreal.


3. Le Balcon

304 Rue Notre-Dame E #201

Does cabaret dinner night sound fun? Of course it does! Live performances and acts of jazz, blues and Motown, as well as other surprises await you in this hidden music hall.


Photo cred - Canoe

4. Le Doggy Cafe

4493 Avenue Papineau

It's a BYOD (bring your own dog) cafe! How fun is this? They serve food for us, human beings, and also have a variety of treats for our furry friends. I'm seriously overwhelmed with cuteness right now.


5. Restaurant Thailande

88 Bernard West

Cozy Authentic Thai restaurant with delicious food and... wait for it... no seats! You get to sit down on a cushioned floor.


6. La Couscoussière Ali Baba

1460 Rue Amherst

Wonderful Middle eastern eatery with belly dancers and a cave like atmosphere. Very interesting concept.


7. Le Nil Bleu

3706 Rue Saint-Denis

Traditional Ethiopian restaurant that serves the most fascinating food ever. You can also eat with your hands! So much fun!


8. Oasis Surf

9520 Boulevard Leduc

Indoor surfing complex AND a restaurant all in one. Really fun way to get in shape and then stuff your face.


Photo cred - Nightlife

9. La Khaïma

142 Avenue Fairmount O

Traditional African cuisine with a twist... but wait, it doesn't stop there! You'll actually feel like you're inside a luscious tent somewhere in Africa. It's a really unique vibe.


10. House Of Jazz

1639 Boulevard de l'Avenir

Gorgeous space for entertainment, music and cuisine! There is also a House Of Jazz downtown Montreal, but the one in Laval is my personal favorite.


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