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10 Outdoor Activities To Do In Montreal This Weekend

It's time to get outside!
10 Outdoor Activities To Do In Montreal This Weekend

Weather man Hannah here, bringing you the weekend forecast! Saturday is looking sunny as all Hell, so it's time to close the laptop, X out of MTLBlog and get your butts outside. Here are some things to do while the skies are blue and the rain is on hold.

1. Play Frisbee

Hey man, it's stereotypical for a reason. Do you see how happy those frisbee players always are? It's because it's fun. Parc Lafontaine or Parc Mont Royal are always good options for frisbee laying. You don't even need to bring one, there always a bunch of people playing, just ask to join!

2. Go To An Outdoor Swimming Pool

It's FINALLY warm enough to swim, and lucky for us most of Montreal's public pools opened up yesterday. We have a whole article dedicated to our favourite spots to take a dip. So grab your bikini, and click on over here, to see which one suits your fancy.

Photo cred - Lindsay Rhee

3. Go To A Farmers Market

Generally when I go to farmers markets I don't end up buying much, but I always have a good time. It's relaxing to meander around with your pals and "ooh" and "ahh" over the selection. Here's a list of all the farmers markets in Montreal, there is bound to be one close to you!

4. Hike

If you want to keep your weekend sunny and active, why not go on a hike? There are plenty of places to hit up in and around Montreal. I like hiking as weekend activity because it's a workout with really feeling like a workout, it's outside, and you can do it with your friends. A perfect combination, if you ask me.

5. Sports

You can take your activity a step further and actually play sports. Soccer, volleyball, you name it ,you can play it! Get your game on, friends!

6. Tan

If you're looking for a more relaxed outdoor activity, then tanning is as chill as it gets. Not literally of course, you'll actually be quite warm by the end of it. All you need is blanket, some tunes and plenty of sunscreen. By Monday you'll be so bronzy, people will think you spent your weekend in the Bahamas. Here are some of the prime spots to tan it up!

7. Mountain Yoga

This is actually an activity of my own making. But my favourite thing to do, when the weather permits it, is to grab my yoga mat, climb up the mountain, and zen out. The climb gets you all limbered up and ready to get bendy. Also, yoga is much more satisfying when you have a view of the city below you.

Photo cred - coraliedpn

8. Take Some Insta Photos

It's proof you actually went outside. But seriously, Montreal is b-e-a-utiful in the summer, so why wouldn't you want to commemorate that with some Instagram pics? If you do end up taking us up on our suggestionm make sure to hashtag mtlblog for a chance to be featured in our weekly Instagram post!

9. Terrasse Hopping

Terrasse hopping is not only a way to enjoy the sun, but it also allows you to eat and drink your day away. I honestly don't think there is another way I would rather spend my weekend. Here are some of our favourite terrasses in the city.

10. See Where The Wind Takes You

Sometimes the best way to enjoy the weekend is to just wander. It can be fun to hippy it out, and walk around with no real purpose in mind. You may be surprised at what you stumble across.

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