10 Pets You Can Adopt In Montreal This November 2015

For those who need more cuteness in their lives.
10 Pets You Can Adopt In Montreal This November 2015

Alright, honesty hour: I love animals. I'm that person who gets into an impassioned conversation with you about your pets. If it weren't for allergies, I'd literally live on a farm somewhere with hundreds of pets and be happy forever. I think you get the picture. If you love animals as much as I do, then you know the best way to get yourself a fur baby is through adoption. And if you're looking for a new animal companion to spend your life with, then I've got you covered. Here are just some of many pets you can adopt in Montreal this November 2015.


Mickey is an 8 year old male Shih-Tzu with probably the sweetest face I've ever seen on a dog. He is available through Sophie's Dog Adoption, and according to his Petfinder profile, he's good with other pets and doesn't have any issues staying at home by himself. For more information on Mickey, as well as contact info, check out his Petfinder profile.


Okay, honestly, have you ever seen a dog look happier? Keith is a male Pit Bull Terrier mix, and although he's only a year old, I think it's already really clear that he's going to make someone super happy. In addition to getting along with other animals, Keith is described as having a playful, happy-go-lucky personality. Interested? Of course you are. You can learn more about Keith on his Petfinder profile.

Photo cred - Petfinder


Doesn't Solène look super regal with that adorable pose? Her Petfinder profile lists her as a female Torbie and Domestic Shorthair mix who is super calm and confident. She gets along with other cats and certain kinds of dogs just fine, and is house trained. For more information, check her out right here.


Confession time: Pomeranians are one of my favourite dog breeds. If they're yours, too, then one look at Rosalie probably turned you into a pile of mush. A 3 year old female Pom, Rosalie is described as an affectionate little dog with a zest for life, despite having a couple of health issues. For more information on Rosalie, check her out on Petfinder.


This cuddly-looking cat is an 8 year old American Shorthair Mix available through Chatopia. According to her profile, Capucine is a super loving cat who thrives off of the affection of others. She needs a loving home, but one without any dogs. For more information on Capucine, check her out here.


A 2 year old male Terrirer mix slash goofball, Shazzam is available through Animatch. Although he'd benefit from some obedience classes, Shazzam's described as a quick learner with an energetic and happy personality. For more information, you can check him out right here.


Look at those eyes! Gordon is a male Domestic Shorthair described as being super, super affectionate. Like to cuddle? Good. Because so does he. For more information on this cutie, check out his Petfinder profile.

Photo cred - Petfinder


This dignified beauty is a 4 year old female Pit Bull Terrier mix with an active and affectionate personality. According to her Petfinder profile, she's house and crate trained - and she's got her basic commands down. Want to learn more about this adorable champ? Check her out right here.


Who loves Pugs? Everyone, that's who. And Genji has one of the sweetest Pug faces I've ever seen. A 7 year old female, Genji is an energetic, clownish little dog who would do well in a house without other pets. For more information on this adorable Pugster, check her out here.


Look at that adorable little kitten face. Mafalda is a 2 month old female Domestic Shorthair mix. So if you're looking to bring home a cute kitten, look no further. If you think you've found your furry companion, check out more information on Mafalda here.

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