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10 Photos for Montreal's 2015 No Pants Subway Ride

Montrealers show some skin in the underground.
10 Photos for Montreal's 2015 No Pants Subway Ride

Photo cred - Sylvain Ryan

This past Sunday, Montrealers stripped off their pants (and wtv else they wanted) for the "No Pants Subway Ride." Originally created as a simple joke between friends back in 2002, the event is now held in many major cities across the world with thousands of half-naked people taking part annually.

Montreal has now participated in the event for the last 3 years, and the idea is to create a totally absurd situation: people riding the metro normally - with no pants - in the middle of winter! Participants are encouraged to act as casual as possible, carrying on about their business, eg. read books, listen to music, like it was any other day.

Luckily for the brave souls who went sans pants yesterday, it wasn't polar vortex cold, and for once, our notoriously hot metro stations were welcomed.

Check out some of the hilarious pics from the 2015 No Pants Subway Ride below.

Photo creds - Luc Poulin

No pants was a little too tame for this guy, opting instead for the no shirt Mexican luchador look.

No pants, No problem!

Too much?

Photo creds - Sylvain Ryan

Photo cred - @evablue

And check out the 30 second video to see the No Pants Congo Line!


Dany Robichaud

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