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10 Photos From Inside Of Montreal's Little Known Westmount Greenhouse

You'll wish this greenhouse was your house.
10 Photos From Inside Of Montreal's Little Known Westmount Greenhouse

There's no shortage of amazingthings to do in Montreal. Even with all of the incredible options, you really should make time for the Westmount Conservatory and Greenhouse.

The Conservatory is filled with gorgeous exhibitions of flowers, and it has been ever since it was built in 1927 by the company Lord & Burnham, who also built the New York Botanical Garden.

As beautiful as the Conservatory was from the moment it opened, it's improved over the years. A vestibule was added to it, as well as a pond. In 1999, it was connected with Victoria Hall through the art gallery, which brought together two of the city's top landmarks.

Finally, in 2004, it was made into what it was today. The architectural firm Beaupré & Michaud restored it to make it as much like the original structure as possible. Additionally, new features like a beautiful bronze fountain statue were added, and the Conservatory reopened as the remarkable site it is today on March 31st, 2005.

Photo cred - Linday Muciy

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