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10 Photos Of Montreal's Playboy Bunnies In 1967

A more open minded kind of time in the city.
10 Photos Of Montreal's Playboy Bunnies In 1967

Life sure was different for a bunny back in the '60s, a Playboy Bunny, that is. Today, we regularly idealize the classy glitz and glam of the bygone era (I blame Mad Men) but looking at the life, work, and get-ups of a Playboy Bunny from the 1960s, things really do seem a lot more refined, and way less trashy.

Montreal has its own unique history with the sexy-classy ladies of Playboy. with its very own Playboy club opened on July 15, 1967, right in time for Expo '67. In those days, the club was a ritzy affair, then slowly degraded 'til all clubs were closed in '91.

You may think we're lying when we say things were different back then, but it's true. Playboy bunnies were much more entertainers and servers than they were sexual objects. They weren't even allowed to touch patrons of the club, according to the 1968 Playboy Bunny Manual. We included a couple excerpts, but you can read the whole thing here, for a 'lil Playboy history lesson.

We searched the 'net for some visuals of Montreal Playboy Bunnies in the '60s, taking from a variety of sources (Coolopolis, The Gazette, Ebay, and good ol' Google) and you can check out the pics, newspaper clippings, and ads below.

It's like a bunny rainbow

The Hefner, greeted by his gals

Expo67-Montreal Pride

Don't mess with her bunnies, she's got a bat

The Montreal Playboy Club once on de la Montagne

Old school newspaper announcements, would you heed the call?

No touching!

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