10 Pick Up Lines That Actually Worked On Me

'You're so beautiful that you made me forget my pick up line'
10 Pick Up Lines That Actually Worked On Me

How many times have you gone out for a drink with some friends and had a guy tap your shoulder, interrupting your conversation - to say the most ridiculous pick up line? The thing is, the good pick up lines could work if they're used in the right context... It also helps when you're good looking. Here are some pickup lines that would actually work on me:

1. Pretending you've met them before

"Hey! So nice to see you again". How you been?"

This one is typical. More than half of the time the girl will feel bad that she doesn't remember you, and will play along. If not, here's a chance to meet her.

2. Comparing them to a famous person

"You look exactly like [insert celebrity of your choice]"

If she actually looks like the person you are comparing her to, she'll be flattered. If not, here's an opening to prove that she does.

3. Giving a backhanded compliment

"You would be so beautiful...if you were taller"

The guy who is confident enough to approach you by insulting you, usually knows what he's doing because he's done it many times before. Whether that's a good sign or not, is your decision to make.

4. Complimenting their outfit

"Those shoes look amazing on you"

We take a lot of time (too much of it) and effort to get ready to go out. When a guy takes the time to realize something we're wearing, it's very flattering.

5. Offering them a drink

"Let me guess, vodka soda?"

Straight to the point. This guy skips the unbearable small talk and offers you a drink. Of course that is if you drink vodka sodas. Little advice, if you see another drink in her hand (beer, whiskey, martini) probably safer to go with the obvious choice.

6. Blaming it on your friends

"Hi. My friend over there is shy and he wants to know if you think I'm cute"

Very smooth, tall guy in the tailored suit.

7. Questioning their decisions

“What’s a girl like you doing in a place like this?"

This actually works regardless of the context. You'll get an automatic "excuse me?" which you can then use in your favour. If the place is classy, say she doesn't belong. If it's grungy and hip, say she's classier than that.

8. Hitting them with a headline

"Hi, my name is [Your Name], but you can call me tonight."

Hand of applause goes to the funny guy who isn't afraid to be blunt.

9. Asking a question she can't say no to

"Hi, do you have a few minutes for me to hit on you?"

Usually get a response of, "you could try", now that you've got her attention the rest is up to you.

10. Being adorable

"You're so beautiful that you made me forget my pick up line"

If you don't blush at this one, it's because the guy is less than a 6.

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