10 Pictures Of Montreal's Tourist Flyers From 1925

There is old school and then there is this.
10 Pictures Of Montreal's Tourist Flyers From 1925

Tourists flock to Montreal during the summer for the many festivals, musical acts, and artistic projects that run rampant throughout the sunny season. Most of these attractions have been around for many years, but Montreal is old as hell, so what drew tourists into the city a hundred years ago, when festivals and the like weren't a thing?

Thanks to Archives de Montreal, we have a window into the minds of Montreal's tourism department with this flyer from 1925. Strangely enough, many of the marketing strategies are the same as today (e.g. Montreal being a blend of cultures, old and modern, etc.), as are the featured buildings.

Check out Montreal in 1925 an see for yourself through the photos below. Glance at the original .pdf here.

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