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10 Places Canadians Are Most Likely To Visit This Winter

Everyone's packing their bags to these spots.
10 Places Canadians Are Most Likely To Visit This Winter

Thinking about escaping the Canadian cold and vacationing somewhere warm this winter? Yeah, so is everyone else, because Canadians are getting ready for the cold season by making plans to escape the frigid weather. 

And when it comes to places to visit while on vacation, Canadians tend to think alike. 

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Travel search engine KAYAK analyzed Canadian search data trends and found some striking similarities between where Canadians want to go soak up the sun, as outlined in a press release

The most likely travel-spots for Canadians were picked out, along with how long travellers will be taking time off this winer season. 

On average, Canadians vacation for about 13 days over the holidays, according to KAYAK. That’s actually three days more than the average American traveller. Not sure if that’s a point of pride or not, honestly. 

When choosing a spot to relax on the beach, Jamaica is the spot in 2017. Specially Montego Bay, which say a 53% increase in searches over last year. Why the sudden surge?

Since Jamaica avoided two destructive hurricanes this year, Canadian travellers view the country as a more viable option. Kingston, Jamaica is also a top-spot for Canadian travellers this year. 

But it’s not just the Caribbean Canadians are looking to for travel spots this holiday season. Kuai and São Paulo are the number two and three destinations, which KAYAK says is proof that Canadians are mainly seeking cities they can escape the cold. 

So what are the top ten travel spots for Canadians this year? You can find them below, and maybe avoid the most popular spots if you’re looking to be a little atypical. Or choose them specifically, knowing you’ll see some fellow Canadians while on vacay. 

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