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10 Places To Easily Learn French In Montreal

The best French language courses in the city.
10 Places To Easily Learn French In Montreal

With everything that has been happening recently in our province, we figured some of you may want to be proactive and make sure all of your bases are covered. Whether you just need a refresher course, or you're a newly-landed immigrant, we've put together a list of the best French courses in Montreal.

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YMCA International Language School

The YMCA is a very popular choice for French courses, though it is one of the pricier options. They offer a large variety of courses including conversational French, business French and more.

Type of Course: Take a look at their website to determine the best course for you. The semi-intensive and intensive programs take place daily, however the workshops often take place in the evening.

Where: 1440 Stanley St., 5th floor

Cost: Semi-intensive French course starts at $748; intensive French course starts at $1120. Workshops vary depending on their frequency and content.

Contact: (514) 849-8393, ext. 1400 or

Commission Scolaire de Montreal

The CSDM offers the most comprehensive 'program' in the city. Their course levels begin with alphabétisation (basic French) and goes on to include French as a second language, Francisation, and specialized French courses for social and professional use. Under the CSDM, many institutions offer full-time and part-time courses, depending on your need.

Type of Course: Full-time, part-time and workshop

Where: Various universities, CEGEPs and organizations around the city.

Cost: Varies depending on the institution that a student attends.

Contact: Check out their website, call (514) 596-6000 or e-mail

EC Montreal

EC Montreal offers a summer program, a bilingual program and a year of French studies. They place students in homestays in order to give them the full experience of living in our beautiful city. The Classic Montreal program encourages students to also participate in cultural activities around the city.

Type of Course: Bilingual program, semester/year of French, Classic Montreal summer program, one-on-one courses and French for work.

Where: 1610 St. Catherine Street West, Suite 401

Cost: Depending on your program of choice, this varies. The bilingual program starts at $305/week; French academic year starts at $250/week; Classic Montreal starts at $500/week.

Contact: Take a look at their website. Contact them by phone (514-939-9911).

GEOS Language PLUS

GEOS Language PLUS is a unique option in that it also offers apartment and homestay options for its students. If you're new to the city, a homestay is a great opportunity to live with a local family in order to fully immerse yourself in the culture of our city and province. Homestays start at $190/week and apartments start at $300/week.

Type of Course: part-time (10 lessons/week) to super intensive (40 lessons/week)

Where: 1350 Sherbrooke Street West, Suite 800

Cost: Courses start at $90/week (part-time) and go to $450/week (one-on-one classes).

Contact: (514) 847-0841 or

CLC Montreal

CLC Montreal's programs offer a 'Conversation & Communication' approach to learning French. This means that students spend a majority of their class time speaking to each other and to the teacher in French, in order to better understand the language. They also offer French courses over Skype for pre-intermediate, intermediate and advanced levels.

Type of Course: Courses range from full-time, part-time, evening, private and corporate.

Where: 4260 Ave Girouard #350

Cost: Full-time starts at $230/week; part-time starts at $165/week; Skype lessons start at $35/course

Contact: Take a look at their website. Contact them by phone (514-903-8897) or e-mail (

The French School

The French School offers an intensive course for all beginners. By the end of this month-long, 70-hour course, a student will be able to obtain level 1 the Diplôme d’Étude de la Langue Française.

Type of Course: Intensive Program, morning or afternoon

Where: 1208 Wolfe

Cost: $640

Contact: (514) 606-6448 or

Ministère de l’Immigration et des Communautés culturelles

The MICC, fondly known as Immigration Quebec, offers a variety of French classes geared towards new immigrants.

Type of Course: Intensive full time, part time, French for the workplace, specialized French courses (law, engineering, etc).

Where: For a full time student, depending on the level of schooling, Immigration Quebec places the student in one of their partner institutions - CEGEPs, universities or community organizations. All other students can choose the location that best suits them.

Cost: Once a student is accepted into a course, several factors are looked at to determine the amount of financial aid given. Often, especially for intensive full time courses, financial aid covers the student's expenses fully.

Contact: Check out their website.

The MICC also offers free online courses for intermediate and advanced levels.

YES Montreal

Youth Employment Services (YES) Montreal offers French courses for those looking for employment. These courses are designed to teach students conversational French, with a focus on the workplace. They also aid students in creating their C.V., writing a cover letter and participating in mock interviews.

Type of Course: Workshop; 4 week course, twice a week

Where: 666 Sherbrooke St. W., suite 700

Cost: $75

Contact: (514) 878-9788

Concordia University

Concordia University's Center for Continuing Education, six levels of conversational French (dependent on proficiency) are taught with a Certificate of Proficiency awarded upon successful completion of level six. Written exercises are also a part of the curriculum, in order to provide students with a well-rounded understanding of the French language.

Type of Course: 40 hours per level, morning/afternoon/evening

Where: 1455 De Maisonneuve Blvd. W.

Cost: $320/level

Contact: Applications can be accessed online. Contact the Center for Continuing Education at (514) 848-3600 or

McGill University

The School of Continuing Studies at McGill University offers several options for learning French, as well as proficiency testing for the Diplôme d’études en langue française (DELF) and the Diplôme approfondi de langue française (DALF).

Type of Course: Intensive or part-time, as well as an online course for workplace communication.

Where: 688 Sherbrooke Street West, Suite 1199

Cost: Starts at $1635

Contact: Take a look at their website. Contact them by phone (514-398-6200) or email (

ILSC Education Group

ILSC is one of the largest language schools in Montreal with hundreds of students being taught there every year. They also offer a 'Certificat d’enseignement du français langue étrangère;, in cooperation with l’UQO, as well as homestay and other accomodations.

Type of Course: They offer a wide variety of courses, including ones specialized in various fields such as debating, fashion design and film.

Where: 410 Rue St-Nicolas, Suite 300

Cost: Fees range anywhere from $155/week (part-time) to $360/week (full-time intensive).

Contact: By phone (514-876-4572) or email (

Have you taken French courses at an institution that we haven't mentioned? Let us know! 

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