10 Places To Eat At For Under $10 In Downtown Montreal

Tacos, burgers, falafels, and more!
10 Places To Eat At For Under $10 In Downtown Montreal

Guys, it's the holidays. A new semester is just on the horizon. I think it's safe to say we're all a little strapped for cash.

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But if you are a little strapped for cash and still like eating out, then worry not. There are still some awesome places you can go to to cop some tasty food for even better prices.

1. Warehouse

Yesterday's end of semester feast ?

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1446 Rue Crescent

Alright, straight up, if you're looking for a place with amazing food for $5 a dish, then look no further. Le Warehouse, on Crescent Street, has burgers, appetizers (like pirogies!), salads, pasta, and more, for $5 each. Bonus points: their drinks are super inexpensive, too!


2. Thali

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1409 Rue Saint-Marc

If you love Indian food, do I have some great news for you. This Indian restaurant, located close to Concordia University, is known for two things: their incredibly inexpensive dishes, and their super quality, super tasty food. Butter chicken for days, guys. Butter chicken for days.


3. Nilufar

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1923 Rue Sainte-Catherine O

Alright, real talk, this restaurant is fantastic. Not only do they serve up pretty much the most fresh and flavourful falafels around, but the food here is incredibly inexpensive. So if you want something fresh, tasty, and filling, but don't want to break the bank, then no worries. Nilufar is here for you.


4. Don Taco

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1853 Rue Sainte-Catherine

Mexican food lovers, rejoice. Don Taco, located near Concordia's SGW campus, is pretty much one of the best places to get burritos and tacos in the city, especially considering the prices here are more than super fair.

5. Al Taib

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2125 Rue Guy

Honestly, Al Taib is life. If you love pizza, pitas, manakesh, sujuk, and more, then this spot is absolutely for you. Not only is the food here delicious, but it's absolutely, totally inexpensive, with one pita running you about $5 max.


6. Charcos

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2020 Rue Crescent

A Portuguese chicken place, right downtown? Ohhh yassss. This place serves up some seriously succulent, tasty chicken, and although their chicken might cost you more than $10, their delicious sandwiches certainly will not.


7. Mon ChiCha

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1396 Maisonneuve Blvd W

This spot is all about serving up delicious street food from Hong Kong, Japan, and Taiwan, all under one roof. They have tons and tons of delicious delights, including steamed buns, all for super fair prices.


8. Picks

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2020 Rue Crescent

IMO, it's fair to say that at this point, Picks is one of Montreal's best kept secrets. Their burgers and poutines are on a whole other level of awesome, and their kogos (potato crusted pogos)? Out of this world amazing.

9. Boustan

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2020 Rue Crescent

Is it too early to call Boustan a Montreal institution? I don't think so, because if you've ever tried the super tasty potatoes, shish taouks and shawarmas from this super popular and inexpensive spot, then you know just how awesome it truly is. And if you never have? Get yourself here. Like, now.


10. Sammi & Soup Dumpling

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1909 Rue Sainte-Catherine O

Dumplings are life, honestly, and Sammi focuses on some of the tastiest, juiciest dumplings in the whole city. Best part? A basket of dumplings won't set you back much more than $10.

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