10 Places Where Montreal Elite Eat, Drink And Socialize

La crème de la crème.
10 Places Where Montreal Elite Eat, Drink And Socialize

I often get asked the following question, "Irina, where do all the cool people hang out?" Montreal does have an "elite" group of rich kids people where everyone knows each other.  They hang out at certain bars, clubs and restaurants in our city. These places usually stand out from the rest of Montreal establishments with unique interior design, exceptional service and above-average price tags. If you're curious to know what these places are, keep reading, because I put together the ultimate list of spots where Montreal's crème de la crème likes to eat, drink and socialize.

1. Soubois

1106 Maisonneuve Blvd W

Soubois is a restaurant slash night club with an ambiance of an underground enchanted forest. It's a French-Canadian bistro type of menu with options varying from safe to more adventurous items.


2. École Privée

1 rue Milton

A popular night club where Montreal's cool cats like to have a good time at.


3. Scarlet Exclusive

139 Rue Saint Paul O

Modern European eatery and lounge serving small delicious entrees and dishes. Even the name says "exclusive" and that's exactly what the crowd is like.


Photo cred - Jatobamontreal

4. Jatoba

1184 Place Phillips

Refined modern restaurant serving out-of-ordinary Asian inspired dishes. Even Justin Trudeau loves Jatoba! Don't believe me? Here's the proof.


5. Somwhr Liquor Lounge

401 Rue Notre-Dame O

Popular Montreal night club with a playful and intimate atmosphere offering a great variety of unique drinks.


6. Park restaurant

378 Avenue Victoria

P.K. Subban's favorite sushi restaurant in Montreal. Japanese fusion fare and elaborate sushi and sashimi platters in a dark-wood inviting setting.


7. Buck15 Espresso Bar

3027 Rue Notre-Dame O

A popular espresso bar with a great menu, friendly staff and cool decor. Montreal elite appreciates this place for the most gorgeous toasts you'll see in your entire life.


8. New City Gas

950 Rue Ottawa

Massive night club located in a historic industrial space. It's known for hosting world-famous DJs and celebrities.


Photo cred - Querelles

9. Apt 200

3643 Boul St-Laurent

A unique concept that unites home and bar into one very cool loft party night club space. Great music, beautiful people and lots of fun, obviously.


10. Grinder

1708 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest

Urban restaurant famous for its tartares and a great wine menu. It's definitely a place to see and be seen at.