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10 Places You Can Get A Christmas Gift While On Your Way To The Metro In Montreal

Shop on the go.
10 Places You Can Get A Christmas Gift While On Your Way To The Metro In Montreal

Photo cred - Shannon Lark

Christmas  draws closer with each and every day, and while we all love the food and festive fun that goes along with the Xmas season, there is always one major stressor: getting a gift for everyone on your list. You may not be Santa, but you definitely have plenty of people to buy gifts for.

Unfortunately, not all of us have to devote days of shopping to get solid Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals, which is fine, because you can easily get a gift on your regular route/daily commute. Some are a bit niche, others much more versatile in gift-options, but each of these 10 Montreal stores will provide plenty of gift options if you're in a pinch, or you just happen to remember before getting on the metro.

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Berri-UQAM: Archambault

Walk from station: 1 minutes (map)

What you'll find: Movies, music, videogames, tech, books, instruments

Any and all forms of entertainment can be bought on-the-go at Archambault, right before you take the green, orange, or yellow line to wherever you're going from Berri-UQAM. Much more than just a store for musicians, Archambault is fully stocked with potential-presents for anyone on your list, whether they be your 8 year old nephew who loves Marvel movies or your artsy cousin who's looking for the latest in literature.

Archambault, right by Berri-UQAM metro station makes the perfect fit when shopping for Christmas gifts for friends and family.


Peel: Editorial Boutique

Walk from station: 2 minutes (map)

What you'll find: Women's fashion

Get Vogue-level high fashion for half the price at Editorial Boutique, ideal if you want to get some new clothes for one of the ladies in your life for a lot less. Editorial carries a ton of different brands in so many different styles (from hipster to high-fashion) along with jewlery and accessories, making the store a great place to pop into when your heading in/outta Peel station.


Côte-des-Neiges: Zone Maison

Walk from station: 3 minutes (map)

What you'll find: House accents, kitchen equipment, gadgets

Add a little to someone's home with a gift from Zone Maison, which is just a stone's throw away from Côte-des-Neiges metro, and with their large inventory, you can find a present for anyone's taste. Making your life even easier is the "Gift Zone" on their website, which breaks down present ideas based on categories of interest. Checking online will make your life way easier before you pop in while heading to the metro.


Mont Royal: Chez Farfelu

Walk from station: 3 minutes (map)

What you'll find: Decor, knick-knacks, cards

On your way to Mont-Royal metro, pop into Chez Farfelu, which also has a long list of accessories and home decor gift ideas which will jazz up anyone's residence. Our favourite part, though, is the 18+ inventory, which will give you some pretty hilarious gift options, including (but not limited to) kamasutra dice, boob stress balls, and "ring for sex" bell.


Photo cred - global

Verdun: Le Coin du Jouet

Walk from station: 5 minutes (map)

What you'll find: Board games, puzzles, books

Open since 1967, Le Coin du Jouet has been amusing Montrealers of all generations for a good long while, making it a great place to quicklu pick up a gift when heading to Verdun station. While they're inventory is directed mainly towards children, you can still find something for teenagers, and even adults. That being said, you should probably head to Le Coin du Jouet with a child in mind, as the store has a large inventory for toddlers and young children.


Lionel-Groulx: SAQ Selection

Walk from station: 6 minutes (map)

What you'll find: what you'd normally find at an SAQ, just more

When all else fails, just grab them a bottle of wine. The tried and true dinner party gift strategy can easily applied to an Xmas gift, because who doesn't want some free alcohol? To seem like you tried a little, head to an SAQ Selection, like this one pretty close to Lionel-Groulx station, though you can also find one in the Pepsi Forum (right near Atwater station) and on Beaubien/St. André right by Beaubien station.


Beaubien: Le Vape Saloon

Walk from station: 4 minutes (map)

What you'll find:

You no doubt know someone who vapes, and La Vape Saloon right by Beaubien station will have plenty of gift ideas for the e-cigarette smoker in your life. A little more luxe than your standard vape shop, Le Vape Saloon will actually be fun to check out, with their big screen TVs and red carpet-vibe. Worst comes to worst, and you can't find anything at Le Vape Saloon, just head out and check out the tons of other stores part of St. Hubert Plaza.


Jean-Talon: Jean-Talon Market

Walk from station: 4 minutes (map) or nonexistent if you know the right exit outta the metro

What you'll find: Food of all kinds

Kind of a no-brainer, but many forget that you can totally buy someone food for Christmas, especially when it's the locally produced and artisanal products carried at Jean-Talon Market. Probably best to not go the produce-route and instead opt for non-perishable food products, or those that won't go bad too quickly, like beers and cured meats. Nothing says "I love you" and "Merry Christmas" like some quality cheese and a six-pack of expensive Quebec-made beer.


Photo cred - virtuallawrence

Place-d'Armes: Noël Éternel

Walk from station: 5 minutes (map)

What you'll find: Quite literally everything related to Christmas

It may seem silly/strange to buy a Christmas gift from a Christmas-themed store, but everyone goes Xmas-crazy during this time of year, so anything you get at Noël Éternel will make a good gift. The famous all-year-round-Christmas-store is a great idea if you need to buy something for someone you don't know that well, like in an office Secret Santa, because who doesn't like Christmas? Just make sure you give it to them their gift a little while before Christmas Day, so the gift is still relevant and won't be tucked away for an entire year.


McGill: Eaton Centre

Walk from station: Nonexistent

What you'll find: Pretty much everything

Kind of a cop out, we know, but for real, if you need a gift in a jiffy, your best bet is to get off at McGill station and just head into the Eaton's Centre. The only problem you may face is too many options, so be sure to have an idea of what you want to get before heading into the insanity that is this downtown mall during the holiday season.