10 Places You Would Rather Be Than In Montreal Right Now

Because this weather is not summer appropriate.
10 Places You Would Rather Be Than In Montreal Right Now

I'm disappointed. Immensely disappointed. I'm not sure what's going on with the weather but it's not cute. Officially summer is meant to start in nine days, but I'm becoming doubtful at the likelihood of that event.

Anywho, in my fit of contempt I stumbled across some pictures that make me feel better. And also worse... Whatever, these are all the places I would rather be than here right now.

1. Thailand

Anymore room in that boat?

2. San Fransisco

California here we come.

3. Barcelona

On top of the beautiful weather, apparently the statues have nice butts.

Photo cred - yorgak

4. Santorini

"Sisterhood Of The Travelling Pants" dreams come true.

5. Rio de Janeiro

*looks at picture


6. Atlantis Resort - Bahamas

Bahama mama.

7. Ibiza

How is this even a real place?

8. Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

Rocket til' waterfallllllll!

9. Glowworm Waitomo Caves, New Zealand

Initially a cave full of worms doesn't sound all that appealing. However, I would pick this place over Montreal, any day.

Photo cred - shocktography

10. Temagami, Ontario

Some please take me camping.

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