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10 Poutines You Need To Eat During Montreal's Poutine Week 2015

The KD-meatball poutine is truly a must-try.
10 Poutines You Need To Eat During Montreal's Poutine Week 2015

Photo Cred - Kodjo

Montreal's week-long poutine fest is back! Running from Feb 1st - 7th, 40 different restaurants will be competing for the highest honour in Montreal: the title of best poutine. Luckily (and somewhat torturously) for us, most of the restaurants have been releasing info about the poutines that they'll be serving next week.

Now, eating 40 poutines in 7 days is going to be a serious challenge that few people will actually accomplish, so if you're only up for trying a few, we've picked out what we think will be the top 10. And as everyone knows, poutine calories don't count, so eat up.

1. Lucky’s Truck et Guele de bois’ “Kraft and Beef”

3353 Ontario E

Every student’s dream: a Kraft Dinner inspired poutine. Based on that alone, this poutine is at the top of our to-try list. It’s made with homemade fries, jalapeño KD sauce, fresh cheese, GDB meatballs, green onion, and green peas.

2. Parkway Resto Pub’s “Heart Breaker”

8247 Métropolitain E

If you’ve ever wanted to know what it was like to have Thanksgiving dinner on a poutine, then ParkWay’s “Heart Breaker” is the way to go. Their smoked salt seasoned fries are loaded with smoked turkey, stuffing made from a trio of sausages, a blend of Quebec cheese curds, and turkey gravy, topped with bacon, corn and green onion hash. Can you say food-coma?

3. Lola Rosa's “La Raspoutine”

545 Milton + 4581 Parc

Serving up a Russian-inspired poutine, Lola Rosa has made their Poutine Week entrant vegan and gluten free. It’s topped with a Romanoff sauce made from vodka and raspberry, and garnished with caramelized onions.

4. ART:BRGR’s “Caveman Poutine”

408 Gilford

For the caveman in all of us: crispy fries, minced meat, merguez sausage and ham, topped with cheese, peppers and a sunny side up egg. They wish they had it this good in pre-historic times.

5. Le Gourmet Burger’s Poutine

1433 Bishop

With hand cut fries, cheese curds, house gravy, caramelized onions, sautéed minced beef, your choice of sauce (Thai peanut, Japanese zesty curry or Lebanese Tahini) and a topping of black sesame and shallots, Le Gourmet Burger may just have to change their name to Le Gourmet Poutine.

6. Chez Boris' “Vladimir Vegetarienovich Poutine”

5151 Parc

In case you want to spice things up, Chez Boris uses an original “Rus-Que-Mex” beet, 3 bean and smokey chipotle pepper chili, served over crispy dough fries and topped with squeaky cheese curds.

7. La Tavern F par Ferreira’s “Salted Cod Ferreira Poutine”

1485 Jeanne-Mance

For a bit of a classier poutine (if there is such a thing), La Tavern F covers their homemade french fries with salted cod, caramelized onions, and a creamy sauce, all topped off with cheese curds and lemon zest.

8. Uniburger’s “UNI-Fries”

302 Ontario E

For the ultimate cheese experience you have to try Uniburger's UNI-Fries: golden french fries smothered in smooth velvet cheese, finished off with grilled onions and Uniburger’s secret sauce.

9. Fabergé’s “The People’s Waffle”

25 Fairmont O.

Crispy, homemade potato waffle with pulled duck, covered in Quebec cheese and gravy. Bonus: since there’s waffle in it, that means it’s acceptable for breakfast.

10. Chez Chose's “PoutiChose”

1879 Belanger

Made with Eumatimi beef, smoked-meat style scoter duck, Cloutier cheese shavings, and homemade pickles, finished with a truffle oil meat glaze, the PoutiChose is sure to be sinfully savoury.

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