10 Reasons Why Montreal Summers Are The Best In Canada

Once the sun arrives the city thrives.

Photo cred - Mike Simones

No one needs to tell you summer in Montreal is amazing, but maybe we can shed some light on the how and why it's so awesome. Our list may differ from yours, but you can't deny these are 10 legit reasons Montreal has the best summer season around. Read on and pumped for summer.

1. Terrasses

Nothing beats a pitcher of beer/sangria while you sit at a table with friends, enjoying the outdoors while still having all the comforting perks of being in a bar...so availability to alcohol. Terrasses are the best of both worlds, so get to one now.

2. Piknic Electronik

Every Sunday of the summer, Parc Jean-Drapeau transforms into the embodiment of summer fun. Great music, lots of drinks, and an energetic vibe full of people who just want to have fun make Piknic an awesome aspect of Montreal's summer. The inaugural weekend is this Sunday, find out how you can win a pass.

3. Park-Chilling

Even all of the "ordinary" parks of Montreal are something to behold in the summer. Everyone and their mother make it to Tam Tams on Sundays, and every park is pleasantly filled with Montrealers every day of the week too. Thanks to reasonably relaxed drinking regulations, nothing is stopping you from getting a 'lil day-drunk at a park any day of summer, and a lot of people do.

4. Sexy Outfits

Winter, with its bundles of scarves and many layers of fabric, leaves too much to the imagination. Montrealers are a sexy bunch, and we should be able to flaunt it. Thank God summer arrives to let us bust of the tanks and daisy dukes.

5. You Can Walk ANYWHERE

Montreal isn't the largest city, but getting around can be a mission in frigid winter winds. Not so in summer. The whole city is your oyster as you can pleasantly stroll, skip, run, bike, board, or whatever your way to your next destination.

6. Festivals On Festivals

Osheaga, Mural Fest, Jazz Fest, JFL, Francopholie, Beer Fest, Nuits d'Afrique, the list goes on, as does the endless amount of shows and activities you can check out. Summer is never boring when you literally have a festival going on everyday.

7. Food Trucks

Don't get me started on the whole "they're too expensive" or "too hard to find" shtick, because no matter what, meals on wheels in Montreal streets is a very good thing. Montreal's food trucks create some creative culinary snack-age, well worth the couple extra bucks, and their placement at major pedestrian traffic zones and nearly all major events means you'll never be left hungry in the summer.

8. Sidewalk Sales

No cars to bother you, tons of delicious eats on the street, and crazy deals from your favourite stores are all awesome aspects of Montreal's many summer sidewalk sales. A few have already started, so get shopping.

9. Fireworks

From the end of June 'til the beginning of August, Montreal hosts one of the largest international fireworks competitions in the world. For zero charge, you get to watch the night sky become painted with lights and colour, making summer all the more romantic.

10. Fantasia Film Festival

A personal addition, mainly because Fantasia is hands-down my favourite part of summer, and it should be yours too. No hoity-toity/high-brow intellectual films here, just stuff film fans want to see. Hilarious horror films, crazy comedies, badass kung-fu films, and all sorts of anime are only some of the geeky film offerings. Plus, every screening begins with people meowing in the dark. Awesome, right?

What's your favourite part of summer?

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