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10 Reasons Not To Wear A Bra Anymore

Time to unclasp, ladies
10 Reasons Not To Wear A Bra Anymore

Going braless is taking the fashion world by storm. It's happening all around the world.

Women are tossing out the underwear in favour of letting their tatas be untamed. There's a multitude (ha! see what I did there?) of advantages to this look. Here are ten of them:

1. You'll save money (like a shit-ton)

Bras are pricey. Nice bras are ridiculously expensive. The truth is ditching them will transform your bank account. Especially when you consider the lifespan of bras as well as the variety we tend to "need" (black, nude, strapless, etc.). You won't know what to even do with all the newfound dough. Here's a crazy idea! Buy articles of clothing people will actually get to see. Just a suggestion.

2. You won't ever have to worry your pretty little head over your bra showing ever again

Whether it's the colour or texture peaking through your top or the bra strap itself, this garment often wants to make an appearance and ruin your carefully crafted outfits. Nip its thirst for the lime light in the bud and take it off.

3. Side boob

Just. Side boob.

4. Sore no more

Underwire poking you. Straps digging into you. Tags irritating you. It all adds up and makes wearing bras very uncomfortable. It's OK, you can admit it. Get it off your chest. In more ways than one.

5. You'll perk up!

And I'm not just talking about your mood (see 1 and 4)(also 2 and 3). Your breasts will actually get perkier sans bra. It sounds counter intuitive but is very much true, nonetheless. There are ligaments in breasts with the purpose of providing support. When you wear a bra, you're leaving no work for said ligaments. Not unlike a muscle, if they're not put to use, they deteriorate. Luckily, the process is reversible. You can start to see a difference within months of going braless.

6. Bra-free is heat-free

Summers can get brutal when your boobs are strapped tightly to your chest, no breeze and no room to breath. It gets so hot in there and yeah, you sweat a little. No shame. Leaving your breasts unclad keeps them from overheating and keeps you from crying in hopes that the tears will cool you down.

7. Say no to rolls

No matter how much you weigh, wearing a bra means you run the risk of having it squeeze some back fat into view, which isn't everyone's favourite thing.

8. The other side boob

For reals though.

9. Style

As I've already mentioned, going braless is the latest trend in fashion. It's happening on red carpets in addition to the runway. It's edgy. it's fun, it's sexy and it's playful.

10. You'll feel fearless

Let us know if you agree, but there's something about "daring" to go braless that's so bold and well... chesty.

Truth be told, the only disadvantage to going bra free is not being able to experience taking it off at the end of the day. However, if you can't see the flaw in that logic and remain unconvinced, perhaps bras are for you and that's quite alright.

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