10 Reasons To Avoid Boxing Day

If you're going to go shopping on Boxing Day, you're gonna have a bad time.
10 Reasons To Avoid Boxing Day

Canada doesn't really have Black Friday, but we sure do go extra crazy for shopping on Boxing Day. Whereas the US becomes ravenous for sales a month before, we wait until the day after Xmas to go nuts and flood every kind of store. Each year, millions of Canadians get it into their minds that a whole day of the holidays should be spent as a horrible 12-hour shopping marathon of doom. To remind you of last year's horrors, and make sure you don't give into the temptation of after-Christmas sales, here are MTL Blogs 10 reasons to avoid Boxing Day at all costs.

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Waking Up Early

You wake up early for work, or school, or whatever you normally do during the year, and you'd think the holidays would allow you some extra time to sleep in. Not Boxing Day. After waking of to a hangover and barely being able to move, due to the induced food coma you'll be in, shopping is the last thing you want to be doing. Although stores in Montreal only open at 1:00 pm, trekking to the mall with a full belly and liver won't be enjoyable. Don't wake up early, don't go shopping, and don't get caught up in the warped logic that is Boxing Day.

Finding Parking

I guess you didn't heed our warning and decided to go shopping anyway. Fine, your funeral. Here is the first major obstacle in the horror of Boxing Day: finding parking. No matter what time you get there, getting a free space in the mall's maze of a parking lot will be harder than finding a needle in a haystack. Honking, yelling, and neck pain from abrupt braking are all things to look forward to. People get as protective for a parking space as they do for their newborn children, so don't get into a parking lot fight unless you're sure you had the spot first, and you can take the person in a fight.

Crazy Bitches

Everyone goes crazy for a deal. Even when it's for the smallest amount, the idea of saving money makes crowds go wild. No one can deny it, even the best of us lose all rational thought when the possibility to save 10% pops up. On Boxing Day, the ultimate day of sales, these savings symptoms are magnified as all logic is lost, morals go out the window, and people become shopping zombies constantly on the search for savings (and not brains). There is no cure or preventative for Boxing Day zombification. You have been warned.

Personal Space is Not a Thing

Once you pass through the threshold of the mall doors, say goodbye to that little thing you like to maintain called personal space. That little air bubble around your body you like to keep away from strangers will be non-existent, as you will be bombarded by determined shoppers who have no regard for your comfort. Keep your head high and your elbows up, because no one will be holding doors open for you or being cordial in the slightest. Hockey pads are never a bad idea, to avoid bruises.

Finding Your Size

After elbowing an overweight woman, jumping over two sets of strollers, and leaving your 70 year old aunt to fend for herself, you've cleared the entire store and nabbed the cute sweater you spotted. Turn the tag over and you see it's 2 sizes too big. You frantically search the rack and see that all the other sizes are XXXL or XS, and nothing in between. Finding your size on Boxing Day sales is super difficult for anyone who wears a popular size, because they fly right off the shelves. Good luck finding anything that fits.

Family Fueds

Preparing Christmas dinner, picking out presents, nor any other part of the holidays are as stressful as Boxing Day, and expect that to make family tensions soar. In a relaxed setting, you can deal with the adorable insanity that is your family quite well. But, in the high intensity atmosphere of Boxing Day, where craziness is already peaking, expect some legit family arguments. You can't yell at all the random people rushing about around you (bumping you, pushing you, buying stuff you want), so you take it out on your family. You need to vent your frustrations, it just doesn't end well when it results in a huge argument with the people you love most, and who know all of your most personal secrets. Expect a some family drama if y'all decide to do Boxing Day as a group.

Double Present Disappointment

Some people have Boxing Day as their present backup plan. You may have gotten snubbed out of your ideal gift on Christmas, but now you can just buy what you really wanted, for even less! Sounds magical, and sometimes this plan works out. Other times, this Boxing Day mentality will just crush your spirits into an even finer dust. Chances are, if you wanted a specific gift, so did tons of other people, and they all probably raided the store hours ahead of you. Blissfully unaware, you walk into the retail location, ask the attendant, and your high hopes drop when you learn its all sold out. You've just been hit by 'Double Present Disappointment." Avoid the consecutive despair and don't get fooled by the false hope of Boxing Day.

Longer Than A Day

Real talk here people, Boxing Day lasts a lot longer than a week. It's actually not unheard of for stores to have Boxing Week Sales. No need to go crazy on the 26th, because these deals ain't going nowhere. Truthfully, a lot of the good products will be gone by the first day, but its still worth it to avoid the intense stress and just go shopping on the days following Boxing Day, where the same deals will still apply.

Oh So Hungry

Pack a lunch if you're out chopping on Boxing Day, because buying food inside the mall will be even worse than buying clothes. The normal problems of too much selection in a food court do not exist on Boxing Day, as you will flock to whatever resto has the shortest line, which is still three times longer than usual. Be sure to send a friend off to find a table, a next to impossible feat in itself. Be on guard for hangry (hungry + angry) shoppers waiting for food. You don't want to mess with a mother of four with low blood sugar and an intense McDonald's craving.

Bye Bye Xmas Money

Xmas present money is disposable fun-money, to be spent how you see fit. Totally true, but you still have that responsible voice in the back of your head who tells you to save the money for the coming year, if only just for NYE alcohol. That won't happen if you're Boxing Day shopping. Impulse buying and saving money come together on Boxing Day to make sure you spend any money you have in your wallet.

Did we leave out on major reason never to shop on Boxing Day? Disagree with our reasoning? Tell us so in the comments below.

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