10 Reasons Why Beer Is Very Good For Your Health

Wine can move over.
10 Reasons Why Beer Is Very Good For Your Health

photo cred - Perfect Pints

Up until now beer was only given credit when you got lucky on a saturday night or when you won 500 bucks at the casino. I am about to change your world- this just in - beer is actually considered good for your health. Now, that's not to say to start chugging them back like an Irishman, ya?

Wine was always the centre of attention when it came down to reducing heart disease but after Harvard did a study on 23,000 men- they found that men who drank developed less heart problems than men who did not whether it was beer or wine.

However, it's important to note: when we talk about the health benefits you can get from beer, we are merely suggesting that this is taking into account a light-to-moderate intake. Don't get crazy mate.

So what I'm trying to say is that, whoever said drinking was bad for you, needs to lighten up and have a few. After all, as the saying goes: 'La vie est trop courte pour boire du mauvais bière.'

Apparently, drinking beer also provides these benefits:

1. Boosts creativity.

5 pints in and I'm writing this? Kidding. A study was done with sober participants and "beer-buzzed" men where they had to solve puzzles; the men who were intoxicated were able to solve the problems before the sober counterparts.

2. Lowers risk of kidney stones.

40% less chance of kidney stones in men.

3. Post-workout benefits.

Whoever thought of this was crazy. Beer has been proven to hydrate you after a workout better than water.

4. Beer Goggles.

Beer will boost confidence - it will make you more open and less anxious.

5. Better vision thanks to Guinness.

A pint of guinness keeps the doctor away.

6. Lower blood pressure.

Maybe this has to do with not giving a fvck but studies show that beer drinkers have lower LCL (bad cholesterol).

7. It's Fibrous.

Having a fibre issue? Have a dark beer.

8. Source of B12.

The dutch discovered that beer people had 30% more B vitamins than other people.

9. Source of Folic Acid.

Folate levels range in beer but its safe to say they are present in most.

10. It's delicious.

Need I say more?